Blackout: Zombies idea shown off in new fan-made trailer for Black Ops 4

“What if Zombies had it’s own Battle Royale mode…”

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, Blackout, pulls a lot from Black Ops’ past. Whether it’s full on Zombies locations, Multiplayer maps, or campaign skins, Blackout has a good mix of it all.

However one fan has an idea for a Zombies exclusive Blackout map. Youtube channel “FlickyTuts” has uploaded their own trailer for what they call ‘Blackout: Zombies’.

In the fan-made trailer, we hear Tank Dempsey’s voice over a montage of classic Zombies characters and enemies like Samantha and the Panzersoldat. The style of the trailer is very similar to Blackout’s first reveal trailer, which consisted of fly-over shots and slow panning around digitized players and environments.

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FlickyTuts’ trailer is very well done, featuring highly detailed character models and effects, that could easily pass as the real deal from Treyarch. The trailer even ends with a plug to pre-order the fictional game to receive an Ultimis Richtofen Figurine.

In the Reddit post the creator made to share his work, he mentions that the original version he had in mind included more vehicles and props, however that became too ambitious.

The full fan-made trailer can be seen below:

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While the video doesn’t include any details on how this mode would work, I still think it’s a very cool idea. The mode could possibly act as a huge Zombies map where large hoards of zombies attack 100 players until one is left standing. The game would need to render thousands of zombies at once to make the map feel populated, which may be technically impossible given modern consoles limitations.

Check out the Reddit post featuring the creator, and the person who did the voice over for Tank Dempsey, in the comment section.

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