Black Ops Cold War Forsaken Zombies map release date revealed

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Black Ops Cold War Forsaken Zombies Map

Season 6 will see the final round-based Zombies map be added to Black Ops Cold War, and Treyarch Studios has officially revealed the map’s name to be Forsaken and the release date when players will be able to experience it.

The excitement for Warzone Season 6 and Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is at an all-time high with the recent release of season 6’s intro cinematic, which teased some significant map changes to Verdansk and the reveal of the final round-based Cold War Zombies map that players now know the name of.

Zombies players now know the identity of the final round-based map for Black Ops Cold War and its release date in what is expected to be an exhilarating conclusion to the Dark Aether Call of Duty Zombies storyline.

Cold War Forsaken Zombies map release date

Cold War Forsaken Zombies map release date

Players will be able to jump into and experience everything the Cold War Forsaken Zombies map has to offer on October 7, 2021. This is also the same day that Season 6 launches for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, which means players will not have to wait for the Cold War Forsaken Zombies map as they did with Mauer der Toten.

You can find the official description of the Cold War Forsaken Zombies map below:

“As fans have learned in the latest Intel throughout Season Five, Requiem’s Director has plans for Samantha Maxis, employing unorthodox methods to “help” her understand the powers she has developed during her time in the Dark Aether.

Requiem and Omega have embarked upon rival operations to extract Sergeant Kazimir Zykov from the Dark Aether, believing this “lost Russian” – the Soviet soldier who closed the portal at Projekt Endstation – will be the key to preventing a destructive force from entering our world.

And now, Omega defector Sergei Ravenov has provided Requiem with intelligence detailing a massive new Aetherial portal being constructed in western Ukraine…”

Black Ops Cold War Forsaken Zombies map teaser

There is no doubt that the Call of Duty Zombies community will be more than excited to experience the adrenaline-fueled action of the Cold War Forsaken Zombies map and see the final chapter of the Dark Aether story take place.

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Source: Treyarch Studios

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