Black Ops 4 Search and Destroy glitch allows bomb defusing after it explodes

Jeffrey Mizrahi

A poorly timed moment reveals this game-altering bug in Search and Destroy. 

Search and Destroy has been one of the most competitive game modes offered in Call of Duty history. Two teams, one bomb, and no respawns.

While winning a match normally requires a good amount of skill, Twitter user ‘AceThugV37‘ discovered that luck – and a bug – may also help to take home a gold medal.

In a clip posted by AceThugV37, his team is seen having the bomb planted with the defending team left to defuse it. With the attackers down, all the remaining defender needs to do is defuse the bomb in time to win.

The Killfeed displays the bomb detonated right before the bomb is defused (image via @AceThugV37)

Yet when the opposing team goes to defuse the bomb, it is clearly seen exploding while the defender has a chunk of meter left to fill up. However, the game determines the poorly timed defenders as the winner. The full clip can be seen below:

Since the bomb’s explosion didn’t kill the defender or stop the defusing process, it may have just been a visual glitch. Although the killfeed also displays the bomb being detonated right before the bomb gets defused.

It is not known what causes this glitch or how to prevent it at this time. With the next Call of Duty esport event taking place on 16 January, it is unknown if Treyarch plans address, or fix, this issue before then.

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