Analyzing the “Call of Duty: Ghosts” box art and rumors


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There are tons of questions and discussions currently happening on every Call of Duty forum/site as to what to make of this supposed leak for the next Call of Duty. We thought we’d share our opinions with you since the hype train has already left the station. Here’s what we think..

Is it real:
We think it is… Based on how many sites picked it up yesterday and the quality of the hi-res image we feel its authentic. Timing is about right for a leak to happen not to mention we’ve never seen the background image on the box art before.

Skull Balaclava (mask):
Any Modern Warfare 2 fan should instantly recognize the man is pulling down () a skull balaclava which is signature of MW2’s iconic character “Ghost”.

The title is plural as in multiple “Ghost”. We can asume 2 scenarios, this is a sequal to MW3 in which someone or some new team dawns the famous Ghost mask in honor of their fallen brother, OR it’s a prequel of some kind which might be a back story for the original Ghost and possibly his “squad of Ghosts”. Although, as @_N7_ pointed out, Simon “Ghost” Riley’s backstory was already covered in the MW2 comic books.

The most common question asked was “I thought Neversoft was developing the next Call of Duty?”. This was an old rumor and people assumed they were because of how the Call of Duty logo is featured on the Neversoft web site. Again, we can assume 2 possible scenarios, either they are but this game isnt it, or they’re only assisting in a supporting role like Ravensoft did for MW3. It should also be noted that the Infinity Ward logo on the box is their brand new and redesigned logo…

This one is up in the air. The leak that began with Drift0r suggest Ghosts will be set in the future with modern weapons. The box art doesnt include weapons, only a common used type of military glove so it’s impossible to tell. It’s very possible it’s set in the future just like MW3 was, most people forget that the MW3’s story takes place in 2017.

We all know how Call of Duty is multiplatform. It’s almost a sure bet that Ghosts will release on PC, portables, and or mobile devices. The million dollar question is “will Ghosts make an appearence on Xbox 720 or PS4?”. We have no clue, just because only 2 box art images leaked doesnt mean it wont. Theres a good bet we might find out on May 21st when the next-gen Xbox is revealed OR durring the Microsoft E3 press conference on June 10th.