2014 Year in Review: We take a look back at 2014 including statistics and answer your most common questions


It’s official everyone, 2014 has finally come to an end. It’s been a big year for Call of Duty, and it’s been an even bigger year for us.

When we first started Charlie INTEL almost 4 years ago, we never thought we’d be tweeting to ~85,000 Twitter followers and generating millions of page views every single month. We thought we’d put together some statistics for this year, answer some questions, and look forward to 2015.

Here’s a few statistics about Charlie INTEL in 2014:

  • We received over 120,000 comments on articles
  • We have posted 743 articles this year
  • May, October and November are the busiest months traffic wise (based on 2013 + 2014)
  • The most comments are posted during the month of October (based on 2013 + 2014)
  • Traffic increases by approximately 100% year on year (since 2012)
  • We attended the Call of Duty: Championship, E3, Gamescom & Eurogamer this year

We see tons of comments and questions in each article, so we thought we’d ‘clear the air’ and answer some common questions and cover misconceptions:

Are you paid by Activision in anyway shape or form?
We’re not paid by Activision whatsoever. We do not receive money from Activision in cash, cheque, bank transfer or any payment method along those lines. We’re invited to events throughout the year – most of which are sponsored/covered by Activision. We’re very lucky and appreciative when invited to such events given they’re normally attended by YouTuber’s.

Why do you favour a certain plaform? (Xbox One/PS4)
We do not favour any platform, whether it be Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or PC. In fact, I (Petey) mostly play on PC, Victor plays between the Xbox One and PlayStation, as does Keshav. Activision and Microsoft favour each other, not us.

How many people work at Charlie INTEL? Is it a full time job? Can I get a job or help out?
3 of us work on Charlie INTEL in total. As much as we’d love for this to be our full time job, unfortunately this website generates very minimal revenue after expenses and therefore it is merely a hobby. Myself and Victor work full time – Keshav is currently in education. We’re not looking to expand our team at the moment.

Why don’t you upload YouTube videos?
You absolutely want to make sure you’re subscribed here (click me). We have big plans for 2015.

What do you think about Advanced Warfare?
The fact of the matter is, you can’t please everyone all of the time. Whether it be next year, or the year after, no Call of Duty game will ever be perfect. Advanced Warfare to us is a great game, a step in the right direction and ultimately enjoyable. There’s no denying it has flaws, but some could say it’s a giant leap from the 2014 title. I (Petey) am having the most fun with Advanced Warfare since my favourite title, Black Ops 1.

Are you annoyed that YouTuber’s rip all of your content and make videos?
We could talk about this subject all day, but we wouldn’t get anywhere. We can’t help it, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We have no further comment to make on this subject.

Will you be releasing an iPhone/Android app any time soon?
It’s definitely something we’re working on, but considerable cost is involved. Hopefully we’ll have more news on this subject in the weeks ahead.

What era do we want to see Call of Duty return to?
Victor: Modern
Keshav: Future
Petey: Modern

What is your favourite Call of Duty title to date?
Victor: Modern Warfare 2
Keshav: Call of Duty 4
Petey: Black Ops 1

We’ll have a follow up post tomorrow looking ahead to 2015 including Treyarch’s title in November 2015.

The question for you: What are you wanting to see from Treyarch in 2015?