NBA 2K24 reveal calendar: MyCareer, MyTeam, more

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The developers have announced the dates for several reveals of the new features in NBA 2K24. If you haven’t found out yet, here are all the details about NBA 2K24’s reveal calendar.

NBA 2K24 has an official release date slated for September 8, however, the intrigue surrounding the new features that will be present in the different game modes of NBA 2K24 has thousands of fans on the edge of their seats.

Luckily, we will soon have new updates about the next installment from 2K Games. The developers have unveiled the NBA 2K24 reveal calendar, which will give us in-depth knowledge of all the details of your favorite game modes such as MyCareer and MyTeam, as well as the highly anticipated Mamba Moments.

Here’s everything you need to know about the NBA 2K24 reveal calendar.

NBA 2K24 reveal calendar: Dates, game modes & features

The NBA 2K24 development team took to their X (formerly Twitter) account to reveal the weeks and dates that we will learn in-depth details about each of the new features coming to NBA 2K24.

Check out the NBA 2K24 reveal calendar:

  • Week of August 14: Gameplay with ProPLAY
  • Week of August 21: The W, MyNBA, and Mamba Moments
  • Week of August 28: MyCareer, The City, and MyTeam
  • Week of September 4: Season 1 and more

Among the list of game modes and features, we can find classic ones like MyCareer and MyTeam, as well as new content such as Mamba Moments and the highly anticipated return of The City.

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It’s important to mention, as stated by the developers in the tweet, that certain features such as The W, MyNBA, The City, and ProPLAY technology will only be available on Next Gen consoles, specifically PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

We are getting closer and closer to knowing all the new features that will arrive in NBA 2K24.

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