Watches in-game in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare showcase real-world time – Update

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UPDATE: Following this news being shared, many people started to wonder why Infinity Ward was focusing on some of the smaller aspects of the game development and not certain larger things for the game.

Infinity Ward’s Art Director has even responded to those claims stating that pulling of this feature “didn’t hurt development” and was “not that hard to pull off.”

Fun fact. Metal of Honor “Allied Assault” developed by 2015 pre Infinity Ward, had a clock shader that did the same thing in 2002. A feature from 17 years ago. An Infinity Ward artist named Jeff Heath used to complain all the time in the art pit that we didn’t have it when developing COD and hey….now we do. Turns out it wasn’t that hard to pull off. It adds some complexity to the game and didn’t hurt development. Win win my friends.

Original Story:

In the latest teaser for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s upcoming MP reveal event, Infinity Ward released a video showcasing the new Tactical Infiltration, which is how players enter the map to start off each of the MP matches that are played.

The video showed a soldier landing on the ground from the helicopter and when he did land, it showed the FOV with a watch on his wrist.

That watch, according to Infinity Ward’s Art Director, showcases the real-world time based off of the console/PC’s set location, not a time in-game.

The watches read the time off of your console or pc. They are real time not game time.

The full reveal of the MP universe for Modern Warfare takes place August 1 at 10AM PT. Stay tuned to CharlieIntel for new gameplay and impressions next week.

SOURCE: Reddit

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