Apex Legends dev says Skill Based Matchmaking to be the norm for MP games

One of the big controversies with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the matchmaking system in the game.

Many fans have been upset over the skill based matchmaking style system that exists in the game, but Infinity Ward has yet to even acknowledge any sort of system in the game.

YouTubers conducted a test recently and found that Modern Warfare has a hidden MMR system in the game that matches players based on their performance from the last 5 games in consideration while matchmaking.

A Respawn developer, the team behind Apex Legends & part of the EA studio family, was asked about Skill Based Matchmaking in Apex Legends. Apex also does have SBMM, alongside Fortnite.

And while controversy also exists in those games, this Respawn dev says that SBMM is set to become the norm for MP games as there is data that suggests it benefits up to 90% of the player base.

He says it does hurt the “10%’ers” but that its beneficial to the majority of the player base.

He also admits that the Apex Legends SBMM might need some additional tuning at some point.

One of the things that many Call of Duty fans forget is that the Reddit and Twitter side of the community is just a small, vocal portion of the entire Call of Duty game.

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Infinity Ward and the developer teams have the full data on the games and understand the entire player base – not just the vocal ones on social media all the time.

There’s still no indication if Infinity Ward plans to address SBMM in Modern Warfare.

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