Modern Warfare Season 2 Battle Pass Overview

Keshav Bhat

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is about to being, and the second new Battle Pass for the game has arrived!

The Season 2 Battle Pass is available now for purchase in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Update 1.14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

There’s two bundles to buy from, and both include instant access to the Ghost Operator.

  • Battle Pass: Purchase the Battle Pass to get access to unlock up to 100 Tiers of content featuring over 100 items you can get by just playing. Unlocked at Tier 0, get Ghost alongside additional goods including a new Operator Mission instantly after picking up the Battle Pass. Simon “Ghost” Riley first originated in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 and is a British special forces Operator and a commanding officer in Captain Price’s Task Force 141. He is an expert at clandestine tradecraft, sabotage, and infiltration. Alongside Ghost, players who purchase the Battle Pass will have access to weapon blueprints, XP tokens, Operator skins and challenges, watches, and the ability to earn up to 1,300 Call of Duty Points. 
  • Battle Pass Bundle: You can also purchase the Battle Pass Bundle which grants access to unlock up to 100 tiers and gives you 20 immediately activated Tier skips.  The Battle Pass Bundle can be picked up anytime throughout the season, and it rewards players on all of their previous tier progression, doling out any unlocked items that were behind locked tiers while advancing them 20 additional Tiers up the Battle Pass. 

There is 100 Tiers to go through, including free and Paid tiers. In order to access the Premium stream, you have to pay for the Battle Pass which is — Call of Duty Points.

Get the Modern® Warfare® Season Two Battle Pass for access to unlock up to 100 tiers of customization content, including operator skins, weapon blueprints, watches, and more. The Battle Pass is now available for purchase.

Here’s a highlight of what’s in the Battle Pass:

  • 2 New Weapons (2 Free)
    • Grau 5.56 (Tier 15) – A lightweight and mobile assault rifle excels at range
    • Striker 45 (Tier 31) – a powerful SMG that has potential at longer ranges compared to its class with a moderate rate of fire
  • 1,300 Call of Duty Points (300 COD Points Free / 1000 COD Points in Paid)
  • 80 Additional Items to Unlock, including Double XP, calling cards, and more


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