Modern Warfare glitch is causing supply drops to get stuck in mid-air

Supply Drop in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare players are reporting a frustrating new glitch that is causing the in-game supply drops to get stuck in mid-air, preventing players from accessing them.

When you hop into a match of Modern Warfare, you’ll go through a challenging combat experience against a variety of different types of players. If things get too tough, you can collect useful items from supply drops.

These often contain things like weapons and ammo for you to collect. However, a few players are reporting a glitch that is causing these supply drops to suddenly get stuck in mid-air.

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Supply box stuck mid-air in Modern Warfare

Reddit user Cpt_Avocado showcased this frustrating glitch in a gameplay clip that they posted in the Modern Warfare subreddit. The player waited for a supply drop after securing a triple kill, only to realize something wasn’t right.

After they couldn’t find it on the ground, they decided to search the sky. Sure enough, the supply drop was right above them. It appeared to be stuck in the sky for no real reason.

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This meant that the player couldn’t access the drop and unlock any new weapons or ammo to give them an edge in combat.

A few other players reported facing a similar problem. “This happens literally 100% of the time. Test it yourself. Go on private match, recruit bots. Get the killstreak and call it in. It’s been broken for 2 weeks+ now,” wrote one user.

Many of the commenters claimed that this glitch occurred because the developers are too busy focusing their efforts on Warzone. Others claimed that this was actually a result of the updates they introduced to Warzone.

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The recent September 23 Warzone update reportedly made the game “unplayable” to Call of Duty fans. Hopefully, we’ll see this Modern Warfare glitch patched up by the developers soon enough.

Image credits: Activision