Each Season for Modern Warfare to include map to PS4-exclusive Survival mode

Keshav Bhat

According to a new landing page on the official Call of Duty website titled “Sony PlayStation Advantage,” PlayStation 4 exclusive Survival mode will get a new map added to its rotation with every new Season in Modern Warfare.

The new landing site says PlayStation 4 version of Modern Warfare is the “best play to play.”

The site reveals that each Season will bring an additional map to Survival mode, and exclusive Challenge Missions in-game with unique rewards for PS4 players.

PlayStation 4 players can jump into Special Ops: Survival, an exclusive* wave-based horde mode. And each Modern Warfare season will bring a new location to Survival, as well as a special Challenge Mission and reward for other game modes.

Acquire unique rewards by completing gameplay objectives across modes. Each season, a new weapon or skin is up for grabs

Also something interesting to note on the site is that when looking at the Survival maps selection option, there’s 4 currently available and 5 maps listed as “REDACTED” which might hint that there will be at least five more Seasons to come for Modern Warfare this year.

The fine text once again re-iterates that this exclusive content is timed exclusive until October 1, 2020, at which point it will be made available on Xbox One and PC.