CoD: Vanguard’s minimap doesn’t show enemies without a perk

Keshav Bhat
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Sledgehammer Games is taking a page out of Modern Warfare’s book, using the same minimap system in Call of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer mode. 

When Modern Warfare was first released back in 2019, one of the most controversial decisions made by Infinity Ward was to rework the game’s minimap. CoD fans were used to seeing red dots appear on the map when an enemy fired the weapon, but this was not the case in Modern Warfare.

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Instead, players needed to use killstreaks to see enemies on the map, and while many complained about the system, Infinity Ward held their ground.

Treyarch reverted back to Call of Duty’s classic system in 2020’s Black Ops Cold War, but Sledgehammer are following Modern Warfare’s lead. That means the minimap in Vanguard’s multiplayer mode does not show any enemy positions when an unsilenced weapon is fired by default.

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While the minimap remains the same as Modern Warfare, Sledgehammer has made one pretty significant change to how it will work in matches. The developers are not removing the old-style minimap completely, as a new perk will give players the option to use it.

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The Perk, available in the Perk 2 slot, is called Radar. This perk will activate the minimap back to what players expect in Call of Duty, showing red dots on the map for unsilenced gunfire. 

The description of the Radar Perk is: Enemies appear on your minimap when they fire an unsilenced weapon.

With Sledgehammer creating a perk in Vanguard MP to bring back the original minimap style, it appears unlikely that the studio will revert back to the series’ default and include red dots on the minimap without the perk despite calls from fans

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The Radar Perk is available to use in the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta

Sledgehammer Games is asking for fan feedback on all aspects of the MP experience, including perks, maps, and more. Whether the studio will make any changes to the perks is yet to be seen. 

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