Call of Duty: Modern Warfare January 17 Community Update

Keshav Bhat

As part of Infinity Ward’s push to provide some more communication on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the studio has posted their latest community update highlighting what’s happening with the game.

The new community update highlights new playlists that are coming soon, some of the new things that are on the way, as well as bug fixes the studio is tracking.

Here’s the community update:

It’s been an exciting week, with Shoot House 24/7 making its return, the new “Same Day Delivery” playlist, and some new Gunfight 3v3 action, so let’s get ready for the weekend and take a look at what’s coming in Modern Warfare.

We’re extending Season One, which will now end on February 11. We’ve got new challenges, items, more game modes, new playlists…and of course, a pretty sweet Crossbow that you can earn by completing a challenge in-game, all coming over the next few weeks. We’ll also be flipping the switch on 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Tier Progression events to help you finish up your Officer Ranks and Tiers, just in time for Season Two!

Speaking of XP events, live now until Monday, January 20, hop online and earn all the XP with 2XP and 2X Weapon XP!

We also kicked off our first developer diary blog with our Cinematics Lead, Jeff Negus. He helps make the cutscenes in Modern Warfare! Want to read his interview, click here!

We’ve also been working on an update that we’re looking to publish to all platforms next week, so be sure to keep an eye out for patch notes! 

Last week we revealed our Trello board, a quick and easy way for us to update you on things we’re working on, what’s coming, and any other important information you may need. As we’ve mentioned, it’s not everything we’re working on, but it’s a solid way to see the status of some of the issues you’ve reported.

Stay up to date and check out the Trello board HERE!

Also, as part of our effort to help provide relief towards the devasting bushfires in Australia, we’re donating 100% of Activision’s net proceeds from each purchase of the “Outback” bundle, which we’re renamed the “Outback Relief” pack, across all platforms through January 31. If you already purchased this pack, your purchase will count towards the donation. Thank to everyone who has purchased the pack so far.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward