How to tame a cat in Minecraft

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Tamed cats in Minecraft

Minecraft players love having pets but they need to tame the desired animal first. Here’s how to tame a cat in Minecraft and get gifts from it as a pet.

The Minecraft world is full of animals that you can tame for a wide range of benefits. While some like horses offer mobility, others like cats are simply great pets. The latter is a passive mob and when you wake up after sleeping during the night (not during the day or during a thunderstorm), it hands you a gift.

Cats are immune to fall damage and they offer protection to their owners from creepers and phantoms. This explains why they are one of the most sought-after mobs in the sandbox game.

On that note, here’s you can tame a cat in Minecraft.

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Where to find a cat in Minecraft

You can find cats in Minecraft at the following locations:

  • Villages with at least five claimed beds.
  • Witch huts in swamp biomes.

The cats you’ll find at these locations will be untamed, but thankfully, you can change that.

How to tame a cat in Minecraft

You can tame a cat in Minecraft with the help of raw cod or raw salmon. Equip one of these items in your hand and use the sneak feature (left shift button on PC) to get close to the cat. Try to follow the cat until you can feed it as it might run away.

Following an untamed cat can be quite tedious as they are scared of players. However, within a few minutes, the cat should turn around and accept the fish. Use right-click (PC) to feed the cat and continue doing so until red hearts appear above its head.

The red hearts indicate that the cat is tamed. Now, your pet cat will follow you everywhere and even teleport if you’re quite far. You can use the right-click button on a PC to make a cat sit and a lead can allow you to control its movement.

Minecraft leads used on pigs

Where to find raw cod and raw salmon in Minecraft

You can obtain raw fish in Minecraft through fishing. Make a fishing rod and use it to catch fish from any source of water. There’s a waiting period that ranges from 5 to 30 seconds. Enchantments like Lure can help in reducing this time.

Polar Bears drop raw salmon occasionally after being hunted. Bonus chests and Fisherman’s Chest also have a chance of containing it.

Similarly, fishing is the most reliable source for getting raw cod in Minecraft. You can also get it by killing polar bears and dolphins or opening Fisherman’s chests.

This was everything you need to know about taming cats in Minecraft. For similar content, check out how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft, how to make a Lantern in Minecraft, and how to make a beacon in Minecraft.

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