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How to make a Lantern in Minecraft: Iron ingots & crafting recipe

Scared of mobs in the dark or looking to decorate a house? Check out this guide to making Lanterns in Minecraft and never run out of light.



Lantern and Soul Lantern in Minecraft

Lanterns are quite popular among Minecraft players as a source of light and a decorative item. Here’s how you can make a lantern in Minecraft with a torch and iron ingots.

A lantern is a bigger and better version of a torch in Minecraft. It not only emits more light but also has more aesthetic value. Lanterns can repel some undead mobs and melt snow as well.

It is common for Minecraft players to decorate their houses with a ton of concrete blocks and lanterns, so here’s how you can make your very own lantern.

Lanterns used for decoration in Minecraft

How to craft a lantern in Minecraft

You need a torch and eight iron ingots to make a lantern in Minecraft. You can check out this detailed guide on how to make a torch in Minecraft, and come back for all the information on iron ingots.

How to get iron ingots in Minecraft

There are several ways to get iron ingots in Minecraft:

  • Buried treasure chests, Shipwreck treasure chests, and village chests have the highest chance of containing iron ingots.
  • Add one block of iron to the crafting grid for nine iron ingots.
  • Add nine iron nuggets to the crafting grid to get one iron ingot.
  • Smelt Iron Ore, Deepslate Iron Ore, and Raw Iron with any fuel to get Iron Ingot.
  • Iron Golems drop iron ingots when defeated.

Iron ore naturally spawns underground and you can directly mine it with a weapon that has Silk Touch enchantment.

For smelting iron ore, you’ll need a furnace, and here’s the crafting recipe to obtain a furnace in Minecraft with cobblestone:

Crafting recipe for a furnace in Minecraft

Crafting recipe for a lantern in Minecraft

After collecting iron ingots and a torch in Minecraft, add the ingredients to a 3×3 crafting grid in this manner:

Crafting recipe for lantern in Minecraft

How to make a soul lantern in Minecraft

You can obtain a soul lantern in Minecraft with eight iron ingots and a soul torch. To get a soul torch, just add soul sand with the sticks and fuel to the crafting table.

Soul lanterns emit blue light which is significantly less bright than a normal lantern. Regardless, players can use them for decoration.

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Image Credits: Mojang / SheepGG