How to make a bucket in Minecraft

Aakrit Sharma
Three Minecraft buckets filled with water and lava

Buckets in Minecraft allow you to carry water and lava, avoid fall damage and even go scuba diving. If you wish to avail these benefits, here’s a guide on how to make a bucket in Minecraft.

Minecraft players can craft complex mechanisms like a full pyramid beacon when they reach the end game, but before that, they also need to craft a ton of basic items like beds and buckets. These items might seem basic, but they undoubtedly help in progression and survival.

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To make things in Minecraft, all you need are the desired ingredients and the crafting recipe. Buckets are no exception, as you can craft them easily with iron ingots.

Here’s everything you need to know about making a bucket in Minecraft.

Minecraft plains with bees and flowers

How to craft a bucket in Minecraft

You need three iron ingots to craft a bucket in Minecraft. The most reliable way to get iron ingots in the sandbox game is smelting for which you’ll need a furnace and iron ore.

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Iron ore is primarily found underground and you might have to go deep in your world to obtain it. You’ll also need at least a stone pickaxe to mine the ore. This is what iron ore looks like:

Iron Ore underground in Minecraft

After getting three blocks of iron ore, add them to a furnace with fuel (coal, charcoal, or wood) and wait for them to turn into iron ingots.

Iron ingots prepared through smelting in Minecraft

In case you don’t have a furnace in Minecraft, here’s how to make one easily by placing eight blocks of cobblestone on a crafting grid and leaving the central slot empty:

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Crafting recipe to make a furnace in MinecraftMojang

You can also obtain iron ingots in Minecraft directly from:

  • Buried Treasures
  • Shipwreck Treasures
  • Villager armorers

These places have more than a 50% chance of containing iron ingots.

Crafting recipe for a bucket in Minecraft

After obtaining three iron ingots in Minecraft, put one ingot on each side of the middle row of a crafting table and one ingot in the center of the bottom row. As a result, you’ll get a brand-new iron bucket:

Crafting recipe for a bucket in Minecraft

There you have it, this is how to make a bucket in Minecraft. Surprisingly, the item has a wide range of uses and they aren’t just restricted to picking up lava and water.

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Uses of buckets in Minecraft

These are some of the best uses of buckets in Minecraft:

  1. Collect Lava, Water, and Powder Snow directly from the blocks.
  2. Collect milk from animals like cows, goats, and mooshrooms.
  3. Survive underwater with an empty bucket. As soon as your oxygen starts running out, just right-click the bucket and the oxygen will be restored.
  4. With two buckets filled with water, you can create an endless source of water. Make a 3-block long hole in the ground and add water to it. Collect water from the middle block and it will never run out.
  5. Placing a bucket full of water in a grassland clears out all the grass.

All in all, you won’t regret making a bucket in Minecraft because it’s easy and the item is quite useful. For similar content, check out our Minecraft crafting guides on how to make an Iron Golem, a compass, and a lectern.

Image Credits: Mojang

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