How to dye leather armor in Minecraft

Dyes and armor in Minecraft

Minecraft players can not only craft leather armor but also dye it with their favorite colors. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to dye leather armor in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions.

While many players love Minecraft’s default color schemes, others rely on dyes to paint their worlds differently. From concrete and terracotta to beds and armor, you can change the color of a wide range of items with dyes.

It is no surprise that coloring your armor is a popular practice among Minecraft players. It is a major cosmetic upgrade if you don’t use mods and helps in differentiating armor pieces with different enchantments.

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On that note, here’s how to dye leather armor in Minecraft.

Armor trims in MinecraftYou can also add armor trims to customize your armor in Minecraft.

How to make leather armor in Minecraft

You can collect leather in Minecraft by killing animals such as cows, horses, llamas, trader llamas, donkeys, mules, and mooshrooms. Once you have 24 pieces of leather, use them to create a chest plate, helmets, leggings, and boots.

Detailed crafting recipes can be found in this guide on how to make and upgrade armor in Minecraft.

How to obtain all dyes in Minecraft

There are 16 dyes in Minecraft and here’s how to get them all:

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Dye colorHow to get
WhitePut bone meal on a crafting table.
Light GrayAzure bluet, oxeye daisy, or white tulip.
GrayOne bone meal and an ink sac on a crafting table.
BlackInk sacs (obtained from killing squids).
RedRed rose or red tulip.
PinkPink tulip or peony flower/ Bone meal with red dye.
YellowDandelion or sunflower.
OrangeOrange tulips/ Mix red and yellow dyes.
GreenSmelting cactus.
LimeMix green dye with bone meal.
BlueLapis Lazuli.
Light BlueLapis Lazuli with bone meal/ blue orchid flower.
CyanCactus green and Lapis Lazuli.
PurpleLapis Lazuli and Rose.
MagentaAllium flower or Lilac/ Purple plus pink dye.
BrownCocoa beans in jungles can be used as a brown dye.

Assuming that you now have leather armor as well as the preferred dye, let’s learn to dye our leather armor in Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

How to dye leather armor in Minecraft Java edition

In Minecraft Java edition, simply put your leather armor with the dye in a crafting table and you’ll get a colored version of your armor. To un-dye your armor, you’ll have to put it in a cauldron filled with water.

This is extremely useful in mid and late-game where you have separate armors with unique enchantments for a ton of different situations. An armor with Aqua Affinity is as useless in a boss fight as an armor with Fire Aspect underwater. Hence, you can dye your armor and use the right one for every situation.

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How to dye leather armor in Minecraft Bedrock edition

You need a cauldron to dye leather armor in Minecraft Bedrock edition. Get some iron ore from caves and turn it into iron ingots through smelting. Place six iron ingots in a U shape in the 3×3 crafting grid to make a cauldron.

Crafting recipe to make cauldron in MinecraftCauldrons in Minecraft can hold water.

Once you have the cauldron, follow these steps to dye leather armor:

  1. Fill the cauldron with water.
  2. Hold the dye and interact with the cauldron to dye its water.
  3. Hold the armor you want to dye and interact with the cauldron to soak it.
  4. The color of your armor will now change according to the dye.

To un-dye the armor, put it in a cauldron with just water and all changes will be reverted.

Well, this was everything to know about dying armor in Minecraft and we hope this lets you customize your armor collection endlessly. For similar content, make sure to check out our crafting guides for a compostera booka mapBlast Furnacespyglassfireworkscakeboat, and TNT.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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