Best Minecraft prison servers in 2023

Aakrit Sharma
Prison in a Minecraft Overworld

Minecraft prison servers can help you gain an entirely new MMORPG experience that involves escaping, gang wars, drug dealing, mining, and a lot of action. Here are the best Minecraft prison servers you can try in 2023.

Minecraft boasts over 150 million active monthly players which is more than impressive for a game released over a decade ago. However, after considering its multiplayer features and crafting mechanics, it seems like Minecraft will never run out of content.

Once you’ve defeated the Wither and the Ender Dragon in your single-player run, making or joining a Minecraft server is an amazing way to meet like-minded players. All servers have unique themes such as hide and seek, treasure hunt, and of course, prison.

Prison servers involve roleplaying, PvP combat, resource collection, stealth, and many interesting features. To try them out, you can check out this list of the best Minecraft prison servers in 2023.

Complex Gaming –

Complex Gaming's Minecraft Prison server

Complex Gaming’s Minecraft prison server always has thousands of active players and everyone wants to be the richest prisoner. From mining resources to selling them in auction shops, there are many ways to make money.

There are over 30 mines in Complex Gaming’s prison server and there’s a Skull Island too. The island has treasure chests and you can trade items for skulls that you collect. The catch here is that Skull Island is a PvP zone where you can kill players and vice versa.

Overall, the abundance of content and a large player base makes Complex Gaming’s Minecraft prison server a must-try for any multiplayer enthusiast.

OPBlocks Network – and

OPBlocks's Minecraft Prison server

OPBlocks Network’s Minecraft prison server is great for players who want to devise an escape strategy while following all prison rules. You work during the day and there’s a cell to spend the nights. Performing tasks judiciously grants you access to higher floors and prisoner NPCs will help you escape.

Elements like Parkour and boss fights help OPBlocks stand out among other Minecraft prison servers. There’s so much content to explore that veteran Minecraft YouTuber SB737 was unable to escape even after grinding for 100 in-game days:

Hence, if you’re looking for a challenging Minecraft server, try out OPBlocks.

PikaNetwork OP Prison –

PikaNetwork's Minecraft Prison server

If you like PikaNetwork’s Minecraft servers, don’t forget to try out their OP Prison game mode. Like the servers mentioned above, it also encourages you to earn money and climb the ranks but gangs are a huge part of the gameplay.

You and your friends can either join an existing gang or make a new one. On your journey to the top, you’ll be introduced to several mechanics like Pokeballs, pets, Diamond mines, PvP Arena, beacons, mails, quests, backpacks, suits, and more.

Clearly, you won’t run out of content while playing PikaNetwork’s OP Prison mode. Every new season is an opportunity to improve your gang’s position through more members and money.

Interestingly, more money-making avenues open up as you start earning in PikaNetwork’s OP Prison. As a result, it is recommended to put in a few hours and properly understand the features of this server before evaluating it.

Jartex –

Jartex's Minecraft Prison Servers

Jartex server’s prison mode is another Minecraft server loaded with content. You can make gangs, deal drugs, and mine resources to be the wealthiest prisoner. Thanks to the server’s popularity, you’ll always have players and gangs to compete against.

Joining a cartel/gang in Jartex’s Prison server is a must because everything revolves around activities like gambling and gang wars. You can choose to be a hard worker by mining resources or be a top gang member by taking out other gangs in PvP modes.

The goal is to earn the ‘g/ Top’ status that hands out G-kits. These permanent kits significantly increase the resources you get and you’ll naturally be respected more by other members.

Snapcraft –

Snapcraft Minecraft server's prison

Snapcraft’s Minecraft server has a prison mode that has a wide range of mines and you can escape the prison from the final one. Of course, doing so isn’t a walk in the park as you’re expected to gather a hefty amount of money.

Unlike Jartex and PikeNetwork, Snapcraft’s prison mode doesn’t feel like an MMORPG. Instead, you can focus on mining and summoning the five unique bosses. Defeating bosses for loot is one of the toughest and most entertaining parts of this Minecraft prison server.

Having said that, there is a PvP mine where fans of combat can test each other’s mettle.

Vortex Network –

Vortex's Minecraft Prison Server

Vortex is a famous space-themed Minecraft server and its prison mode is based on a cosmic prison. Although there aren’t any gangs, you’ll still have fun due to the innovative single-player tasks.

Meteor strikes are the highlight of PvP zones. Players can mine the meteor for amazing loot but they must make it out alive from the PvP arena.

You initially fight Prison Guards but the combat gets more challenging as you reach the likes of Warden. Bosses like the Warden will require you to team up which is why it’s safe to say that Vortex Network’s prison mode successfully strikes the balance between single-player and multiplayer content.

TheArcon –

TheArcon's Minecraft Prison server

TheArcon’s Minecraft prison server includes different mines, capture points, outposts, events, bosses, and mini-games like arcade darts, bow battles, horse racing, crash, mob battles, and contraband drops.

With so many features, you’ll always have something to do in TheArcon’s prison. To keep things heated, take part in the Contraband Drops that happen every three hours. The location of the drop and loot is displayed in chat and all the prisoners must fight to get the resources.

You can pay real money to unlock custom features, crates, and ranks in TheArchon’s prison server. However, the free-to-play experience in which your goal is to reach mine Z and finally escape is nothing less than a delight.

Purple Prison –

Purple Prison's Minecraft Prison server

Purple Prison is one of the longest-running Minecraft prison servers and even today, players appreciate its balanced trading system, unique mines, PvP mode, single-player content, parkour, and mini-games.

Purple Prison stays true to Minecraft’s sandbox nature and doesn’t try to convert the prison server into an MMORPG. This server allows you to be a hard-working miner and at the same time, a ton of PvP events take place daily.

Well, we hope this list of the most popular Minecraft prison servers helps you find a prison server that best suits your playstyle. For similar content, you can check out how to breed villagers, how to find Azalea trees, and how to enchant weapons.

Image Credits: Mojang