Is Madden NFL 24 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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We are getting closer to the release of Madden 24, and the new installment from EA Sports promises the most immersive experience in the series to date. However, as we approach August 18, fans are wondering if they will be able to enjoy Madden 24 for free through Xbox Game Pass.

As we approach the start of a new season in the NFL, the expectations around Madden 24 from EA Sports continue to grow. The popular game will be released almost simultaneously with the beginning of the new NFL season.

Despite the developers providing a lot of information about Madden 24, fans still have some questions such as whether it will be possible to play Madden 24 for free through Xbox Game Pass.

Will Madden 24 be on Xbox Game Pass?

Madden 24 will not be on the Xbox Game Pass library, at least not at launch. Its global release is set for August 18, 2023, so avid fans and Game Pass users will have to wait a little longer before they get to enjoy the new EA Sports game.

EA Sports titles tend to make their way into the Game Pass library sooner or later, as has been the case with several editions of FIFA, MLB, and the Madden franchise itself.

Remember that Madden 23 was added to EA Play & Xbox Game Pass in February 2023, so we could interpret that the window between January and February 2024 could be the expected timeframe for its arrival on Game Pass.

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Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills Madden 24EA Sports
Stefon Diggs is one of the highest-rated Wide Receivers in the game.

Ultimately, to find out when Madden 24 will join Xbox Game Pass, players will have to wait for announcements from EA Sports or Microsoft.

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