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How to trade on Roblox mobile

Can’t get your favorite Roblox items from the shop? Here’s a guide to trading avatars and other items on Roblox for mobile players.



Rare Roblox items like Headless Horseman and Yum!

Roblox allows its players to trade items that primarily include cosmetics. Now that the game creation platform is quite popular on mobile platforms as well, we’ve come up with a guide that covers how to trade on Roblox mobile.

Roblox is not just a game creation platform where you can access millions of games for free. It is loaded with features that also allow you to make your own clothes, make and chat with friends, and trade items.

Trading is undoubtedly useful as it grants players control over the items they’ve purchased. Unlike the Avatar Shop, trading has no time barriers and you can get limited items like the Headless Horseman on any day of the year.

While trading on PC is ideal, here’s a guide on how to trade on Roblox’s mobile version.

Official Roblox art work

How to trade on Roblox mobile

Here’s how you can trade on Roblox mobile:

  1. Use a mobile browser like Chrome or Safari to open the official Roblox website.
  2. Go to the player’s profile you want to trade items with.
  3. Upon opening the player’s profile, choose the Open Desktop Site option on your browser. Safari users can click on the Aa option in the top left corner while Chrome users can click on the three dots in the top right corner and find the option in the list.
  4. After opening the desktop version on your mobile browser, tap on the three dots on the player’s profile. From the list of options, choose Trade Items.
  5. A new page will appear showcasing the items you and the player can trade.
  6. In the Your Offer section, add items that you want to give the player. In the Your request section, choose the items you want to receive from the player.
  7. Adding Robux is also an option but it’s accompanied by a transaction fee. Choose wisely!
  8. Review the items carefully and tap on the Make Offer button.

Long story short, trading on Roblox Mobile is all about making the website believe that you’re operating it from a desktop. The feature is disabled on the mobile app, and accessing the website through a browser is the only way to trade effectively.

Roblox trading screen

Requirements to trade on Roblox mobile

You must fulfill these criteria to trade on Roblox mobile:

  • Buy a Roblox Premium membership.
  • Enable trading from your account’s Privacy settings.
  • Own certain Limited/ Limited Unique items.

If your Roblox account meets all these requirements, you can trade on Roblox mobile by following the steps mentioned below.

This was everything to know about trading on Roblox. For similar content, check out our code lists for major titles such as Adopt Me, Last Pirates, and Little World.

Image Credits: Roblox