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How to complete Fortnite Bargain Bin Week Quests

Here’s how to complete Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1’s Bargain Bin Week Quests and earn a huge chunk of XP ahead of Season 2.



Fortnite Bargain Bin Week Quests

As we reach the end of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, Epic Games have introduced the Bargain Bin Wild Week that gives a 50% discount on everything bought with Gold and a fresh set of challenges. Here’s how to complete every Bargain Bin Week Quest.

Epic Games have brought back Wild Weeks in the final few weeks of Chapter 3, Season 1, highlighting certain mechanics such as Spider-Man’s tools, chickens, and now Gold.

Fortnite’s Bargain Bin Wild Week kicked off on March 15, encouraging players to spend their Gold by giving a 50% discount on everything purchased with Gold such as weapons, items, and hireable NPCs.

There are also some new challenges to help you complete the Battle Pass before Season 2, so here’s how to complete them.

How to complete Bargain Bin Week Quests in Fortnite

Fortnite Gold Bars

Epic Games are offering players five Bargain Bin Week Quests, offering up 72,000 XP. This will be a nice boost to increase your season level, finish the Battle Pass, and unlock the Super Styles.

Here’s every Fortnite Bargain Bin Week Quest:

  • Upgrade weapons at an Upgrade Bench (2) – 8,000 XP
  • Spend Bars (3,000) – 40,000 XP
  • Purchase items from a Vending Machine (3) – 8,000 XP
  • Purchase an item from a Character (1) – 8,000 XP
  • Purchase an Exotic weapon from a Character (1) – 8,000 XP

First, you should ensure that you have plenty of Gold in your inventory, as you’ll need to spend 3,000 in total. This Quest will have five stages, with the amount you need to spend increasing all the way to 3,000 — and you’ll get 8,000 XP for each stage. If you’re short, you can check out our guide on how to get Gold bars.

Vending machine locations on Fortnite Season 1 map

Weapon Upgrade Benches can be found all over the Fortnite map, but thanks to Fortnite.GG, we’ve detailed all of their locations in the image above. Simply bring a couple of weapons to these benches, and you’ll be able to earn a quick 8,000 XP.

The same goes for Vending Machines. Approach any Weapon-O-Matic or Mending Machine around the map and purchase whatever’s available. To make this process easier, you can check out all of their locations on the map below.

Vending machine locations on Fortnite Season 1 map

You’ll also need to purchase both regular and Exotic weapons from Characters, so check out the location of every NPC in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, as well as how to get all of the Exotic weapons.

These challenges will only be around until March 20, which is the expected date for Chapter 3, Season 2. What this new season will include is anyone’s guess, but stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all news and guides around the new season.

Image Credit: Epic Games / Fortnite.GG