All Honkai Star Rail Administrative District treasure chest locations

Administrative District in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail has a massive map with various treasures that you can find and unlock for rewards. There are ten treasure chests in the Administrative District region of the game, and here’s how you can find them all.

Honkai Star Rail has received over 20 million downloads right after launching on PC, PlayStation, and mobile. The game’s massive community is now busy unlocking the strongest characters, completing missions, and collecting rewards from chests.

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Exploration in Honkai Star Rail is slightly different from HoYoverse’s other hit action RPG Genshin Impact. The game tells you how many chests are available in a location but finding them is something you figure out on your own.

On that note, here’s every treasure chest location in Honkai Star Rail’s Administrative District.

All treasure chests in Honkai Star Rail Administrative District

The B1 floor in the Administrative District of Honkai Star Rail has one treasure chest and the 1F floor has nine chests.

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You can find the exact locations of all ten chests in the image below:

All ten chests in Administrative District of Honkai Star RailTreasure chests do not respawn in Honkai Star Rail.

Here’s how you can find the chests marked above in the game:

  • Chest 1 – Located beside the chairs near Dominic. When you spot two NPCs (a mother and her child), take a left and go straight to find Dominic.
  • Chest 2 – Near the dumpster and streetlamp.
  • Chest 3 – Climb the stairs near the restaurant. There’s a closed gate near the green banners and the chest is against the gate.
  • Chest 4 – Near Chest 5 in the restaurant seating area.
  • Chest 5 – Near the Space Anchor in the Administrative District.
  • Chest 6 – The chest is right by the stairs near the Central Plaza Space Anchor.
  • Chest 7 – Next to the NPC guarding the staircase.
  • Chest 8 – Behind the Theatrical Posters.
  • Chest 9 – Beside the iron gate near the purple phone booth on the northwestern edge of the map.
  • Chest 10 – Investigate the Blockade Line by teleporting to the Central Plaza Space Anchor. When you reach the B1 level, the chest will be right on the marked location.

Well, this is how you can find all the treasure chests in the Administrative District of Honkai Star Rail and get rewards such as Stellar Jade and level-up materials for your characters.

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