What is the average Halo Infinite Ranked Arena rank?

Matt Porter
Halo Infinite players during combat

Ranked Play is the best way to see how you stack up against other Halo Infinite players, but what is the average rank?

Halo Infinite was released to widespread acclaim from fans of the series, with thousands of players immediately jumping into Ranked Play. This competitive playlist lets you play like the pros, competing with the same settings on the same maps seen in the Halo Championship Series.

Players need to complete 10 qualifying matches in order to gain their first rank, with players earning points towards their next rank based on wins and individual performance. Lose matches consistently, and you’ll see yourself tumbling down the ranks.

For many, Ranked Play is the ultimate show of skill, and lets you see how you compare with your friends or opponents. But how do you stack up against the average Halo Infinite player? We’ve got all the details.

Halo Infinite ranked screen

Halo Infinite ranks

Before you can find out the average Halo Infinite rank, you need to understand how they work first. Infinite comes with six ranks, which each have six sub-ranks inside them.

Players progress through each sub-rank to level up to the next stage. For example, if you complete your 10 qualifying matches and earn Gold 1, you will need to work through all six subranks before you hit Platinum.

The six main ranks in Halo Infinite are:

  • Bronze: I – VI
  • Silver: I – VI
  • Gold: I – VI
  • Platinum: I – VI
  • Diamond: I – VI
  • Onyx
Halo Infinite's Ranks

What is the average Halo Infinite rank?

Now that you understand the ranking system, we can now figure out where most people find themselves, with the help of HaloTracker.

The most densely populated rank in Halo Infinite is Platinum, with 36.6% of players ranked somewhere between Platinum 1 and Platinum 6. You can view the breakdown of each rank below.

  • Bronze: 1.09%
  • Silver: 5.92%
  • Gold: 22.54%
  • Platinum: 36.66%
  • Diamond: 26.54%
  • Oynix: 7.25%
Halo Infinite ranks

Interestingly, while Platinum is the most populated rank, Diamond 1 is the sub-rank with the highest percentage of players at 7.77%. Oynx, the highest rank in the game, is just behind it at 7.25%.

So, if you find yourself in Diamond 1 or above, congratulations, you are currently ranking higher than the average Halo Infinite Ranked player.

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Image Credits: 343 Industries