Nearly every Halo Infinite helmet revealed by leak

Nathan Warby
Halo Infinite character wearing samuri helmet

As we get ever closer to the launch of Halo Infinite, more and more snippets of information are surfacing online. In the latest leak, it appears that a large chunk of the helmets set to be unlockable in-game have been revealed.

Given that it’s one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2021, fans are eager for any slither of Halo Infinite news that comes their way. We’ve seen plenty of leaks in recent weeks, from the connection between its campaign and battle royale to the return of the popular Warzone mode from Halo 5.

And while we already know that a Battle Pass is making its way into the series for the first time, the latest leak seems to have unveiled some of the cosmetics players will be working towards. In fact, nearly every helmet available at launch appears to have surfaced.

Halo Infinite character fighting with energy sword

Reddit user Snitch_With_A_Stitch posted a link on the site which takes you to a picture gallery, where around 30 Halo Infinite helmets are shown. Based on previous leaks we’ve seen, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the headwear in the game, but it is a large taste of what to expect.

Many of the helmets pictured will be familiar to long-time Halo fans, with series staples such as Wrath and the Mark V featured. However, there are some which will be brand-new for Halo Infinite if the leak proves to be true.

These images also give fans a flavor of some of the wackier cosmetics that will be coming to the game. One helmet resembles a horned devil, while another is a Christmas-themed snowman head.

It is unclear from the leak which of these helmets will be unlocked at launch, tied to the Battle Pass, or if 343 will add them as part of a themed event.

The pictures have started a debate among Halo fans, with some saying it has only made their hype for Infinite stronger, while others have expressed concerns that their favorite classic helmet isn’t listed.

TheGamerguy110 said, “I wasn’t excited for Infinite before, but after seeing these helmets I’m very excited. These are incredible.” While another user said, “I always comb through these looking for the Operator helmet but alas I have yet to find it.”

Stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for all the latest Halo Infinite news leading up to its release later this year, and be sure to check out why the game will launch without Forge and Co-op Campaign.

Image credits: 343 Industries

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