Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event: Leaked start date, modes, rewards, more

Nathan Warby
Halo Infinite Tactical Ops armor

Halo Infinite Tactical Ops is the next major event for Spartans to look forward to, here’s everything we know so far from the leaked start date to the modes and rewards we’re expecting to see.

2022 hasn’t been stacked with new content so far for Halo Infinite players, as Season 2 is still months away and the Fracture: Tenrai event still rolling out gradually.

Spartans have been clamoring for some new activities and rewards to unlock while they wait for the likes of Forge, and their calls are set to be answered very soon.

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Tactical Ops is the next major event on Halo Infinite’s calendar, so here’s everything we know about when it will start, the playable modes, and the new rewards.

Halo Infinite Tactical Ops leaked start date

Halo Infinite player running with weapon.

Unfortunately, 343 Industries are still yet to confirm the official start date for Halo Infinite Tactical Ops, but the event is expected to get underway on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, running for two weeks until March 21.

Leaks originally hinted at a February start day, but Tactical Ops seems to have been pushed back by a month.

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Halo Infinite Tactical Ops modes

Halo Infinite players shooting during Tactical Slayer.

As it stands the only confirmed mode for Tactical Ops is Tactical Slayer, Halo Infinite’s version of the classic Team Swat mode. Tactical Slayer puts players’ aim to the test by arming them with Battle Rifles and making headshots a one-hit kill.

We’re also expecting to see even more variations added as the event goes on, such as Tactical Slayer Commandos, Tactical Slayer Manglers, Tactical Slayer Sidekicks, and Tactical Slayer Stalkers.

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Halo Infinite Tactical Ops rewards

Halo Infinite player aiming Assault Rifle.

The event pass full of cosmetics won’t be visible until Tactical Ops is in full swing, but leakers have managed to discover a list of rewards that seems fairly credible.

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HaloNoticiasMX uploaded a screenshot to social media which seemed to reveal the prizes for reaching each of 10 ranks. Check out the leaked list below:

  • Rank 1: Spartan Stance
  • Rank 2: Purple Armor Visor
  • Rank 3: Emile’s Helmet Weapon Charm
  • Rank 4: Crossing Swords Backdrops
  • Rank 5: Mark V Zeta Helmet
  • Rank 6: Mark VII Chest Attachment
  • Rank 7: Mark VII Hip Attachment
  • Rank 8: Mark VII Gloves
  • Rank 9: Mark VII Armor Coating (Orange & Silver)
  • Rank 10: Mark V Zeta Helmet Attachment

Unlike Fracture: Tenrai, as this event will only last a couple of weeks, all rewards will most likely be available to unlock at any pace.

How to unlock the Tactical Ops Armor Set in Halo Infinite

On top of all the other rewards listed above, there will also be a special Tactical Ops Armor set for players to grind for. Sadly, we don’t yet know how to get our hands on this new look, but it will no doubt require a number of challenges to be completed.

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Thanks to another leak, however, we do know how it looks, and it’s far more traditional than the samurai-themed armor from the last event. The effect of the broke Halo above the helmet doesn’t appear to be included and could show up later as an in-game purchase.

That was everything we know so far about the Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event. We’ll be sure to update this page with all the latest information when it is revealed.

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Image Credits: 343 Industries

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