How many people are playing Halo Infinite? 2022 player count

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Halo Infinite players in-game

Halo Infinite was one of the most popular game releases in 2021, but how many people are still playing in 2022?

Halo Infinite finally launched in November 2021, six years after the last installment in the legendary FPS franchise. Unsurprisingly, the hype around the game was high and only heightened when the game dropped to widespread acclaim.

With a host of new maps and powerful weapons, there’s plenty for Halo players to sink their teeth into, while Infinite’s ranked mode gives competitors something to aim for.

Despite all of this, Halo Infinite’s player base has been shrinking. This has left fans wondering how many people are actually playing Halo Infinite in 2022.

Players fighting in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite 2022 player count

According to SteamCharts, Halo Infinite has seen its player base decline quite a lot since its release in November 2021. When the game launched, it averaged over 102,000 players in-game at any one time.

Over the last 30 days, the average number of players in-game has dropped to 6,097. The game’s peak players have also dropped from 256,619 to 15,961.

Unfortunately, these numbers only reflect how many people are launching the game through Steam and do not include those on Xbox consoles. It’s likely these numbers are higher in reality, but Microsoft haven’t made console numbers available at this time.

Halo Infinite streets map

While the numbers have dipped dramatically, they are much healthier than Battlefield 2042, which currently averages less than 2,000 players at any one time.

Perhaps the fan-favorite Forge mode will bring more players back to Halo Infinite. Having said that, it’s unclear whether or not the devs will bring this creative mode back, as only leaks and rumors are currently suggesting its return.

343 Industries will be hoping to see things pick up with the start of Halo Infinite Season 2, which looks to bring fresh new content to the game.

Image Credit: 343 Industries

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