Halo Infinite devs finally respond to “broken” Ranked Play matchmaking

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Halo Infinite has been a pretty big hit with both returning and new fans of the franchise, despite issues with its Ranked mode. Luckily, the devs seem to be working hard on fixing the competitive mode’s matchmaking.

Halo Infinite has been a hit since its release back in December 2021, especially for those who have missed the franchise.

As well as a campaign and casual multiplayer, the game also offers a more competitive online experience called Ranked Play. Unfortunately, the mode’s matchmaking quality has been in question, to which the devs have finally responded.

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Halo is known for having a huge competitive community and esports scene when it comes to the game’s multiplayer mode. Halo Infinite brought Ranked Play, which is a way for casual gamers to express their competitive nature without needing to find a team or sign up for tournaments.

Despite being very popular, the mode definitely has its issues in Season 1. One of these issues is its matchmaking. After player complaints about matchmaking, the devs have officially responded.

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The Community Manager for Halo Infinite at 343 Industries is John Junyszek, and on February 12 they responded to a Tweet that asked “What in the world is happening with the Halo ranked system right now?”

In the dev’s response, they validated the feeling that the matchmaking recently started feeling a little imbalanced, stating “I’ve definitely seen an uptick in players reporting weird skill matches in ranked. I’ll ask the team to investigate!”

Clearly, 343 are making an effort to keep up with the community and communicate effectively with them. This is great because it means that the players’ worries are being answered and monitored by the dev team.

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Hopefully, we see a fix soon for this matchmaking issue, as it is now clear that the devs are definitely aware of the problem.

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Image Credits: 343 Industries