Best Cyberware pieces in Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberware pieces upgrade your abilities and help you survive in the dangerous world of Night City, and the best thing about them is that you can customize every type of Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077. Here are the best Cyberware implants that should should get.

While there is a lot of beauty in the futuristic setting of Night City, there is a world of danger behind all the neon and dazzle. The streets of Cyberpunk 2077 are filled with threats around every corner, where you can encounter deadly criminals. With this in mind, your best chance of survival will often be to upgrade your character with Cyberware.

Cyberware consists of tech that improves your stats and combat capabilities, but it can be extremely costly. For this reason, you should save up, and then invest in the the best ones available. It can be hard to decide which ones to get, so we’re here to help with that.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best Cyberware upgrades now that the Phantom Liberty expansion and Update 2.0 have settled in.

Official concept art for CP2077 Cyberware from CD Projekt RED.CD Projekt RED/Bernard Kowalczuk
Cyberpunk 2077 has tons of options for Cyberware.

How to get Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077

Once you get to the fourth story mission of the Cyberpunk 2077 campaign, you’ll have to pay a visit to a Ripperdoc named Viktor Vector. You can find this doctor in Night City’s Watson District and can enter his operating room via Misty’s shop. Once you’re there, you can check out all the Cyberware upgrades available.

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You can get more pieces from other Ripperdocs in the city as you progress through the campaign. Finish certain missions, and then visit these individuals to buy some enhancements. You can find a total of five Ripperdocs across the different territories of Night City.

How does Cyberware work?

You can use the Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 to increase your character’s stats by altering their body parts. Each limb you choose to enhance will have a limited amount of Cyberware components that can be upgraded. Some are suited to different character builds and certain enhancements will unlock amazing new abilities.

These prosthetics can help you improve your chances of survival in battle, and you can swap implants whenever you need to. Many of these upgrades will be expensive, but it’s worth it to enhance your prowess in combat.

A menu screen for choosing and equipping Cyberware in CP2077.CD Projekt RED
Cyberware gives you special abilities in Cyberpunk 2077.

The 5 best Cyberware pieces in Cyberpunk 2077

Installing Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 is costly, so you should pick the pieces you get wisely. It’s difficult to recognize which ones are the “best,” since that depends entirely on your character build and playstyle. Some are great for melee-heavy builds, while others are great for long-range combat.

We’ve prepared a list of the Cyberware pieces that will fit you, regardless of how you choose to play. Most of these are practical, with a few thrown in for simple fun purposes. Here are the 5 best Cyberware pieces in Cyberpunk 2077:

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Gorilla Arms

Gorilla Arma in CP2077.CD Projekt RED
The Gorilla Arms can deal tons of damage.

When it comes to unarmed combat in Cyberpunk 2077, your punches need to be strong enough to take out your foes quickly. For this, we recommend getting the Gorilla Arms Cyberware upgrades. These boost the damage capabilities of your fists so that you can dish out some serious pain.

An additional perk is that you can rip open doors and take down automated turrets, even if your Body stat isn’t high. While the Mantis Blades let you slice through enemies, they’re no more powerful than a katana. So the Gorilla Arms are a far better investment.

You can get a cheaper variant of these upgrades from the first Ripperdoc, Viktor, in the Watson district. If you want the Legendary version, then visit the Ripperdoc shop on the west end of the City Center. However, you’ll need 45 Street Cred to get this rare variant.

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Reinforced Tendons

Reinforced Tendons in CP2077.CD Projekt RED
The Reinforced Tendons allow you to double jump.

These are leg upgrades in Cyberpunk 2077 that give you the double jump ability. This is useful during combat situations since you’ll be able to dodge enemy attacks and look cool doing it. You can combine it with a stealth perk, and then score a landing strike with some precise positioning.

This also makes it easier for you to traverse while exploring Night City’s map. If timed right, you can use the Reinforced Tendons to negate fall damage. This doesn’t make you invincible, but it’s useful for going from rooftop to rooftop.

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You can get this upgrade from the Ripperdocs in City Center, Watson, and Santa Domingo. It will cost about 45,000 eddies, but it’s definitely worth it to feel like a parkour king. Be sure to pick it up as soon as you can.


The Axolotl in CP2077.CD Projekt RED
The Axolotl is quite effective as it buffs all your cyberware.

The Axolotl is a Frontal Cortex cyberware implant in Cyberpunk 2077 that is a better variant of the Newton Module. At Tier 5, the Axolotl grants an instant 10% cooldown to all cyberware the instant you kill an enemy. This makes it pretty overpowered, as you can basically create an endless loop of low cooldown for your cyberware provided you keep killing enemies quickly.

You can get the Axolotl by completing 23 gigs for Regina Jones. Once you’ve completed all 23 gigs, you’ll have to go back to your apartment and find the implant in your personal stash.

Mantis Blades

The Mantis Blades in CP2077.CD Projekt RED
The Mantis Baldes can slice enemies at a decent range.

Mantis Blades are some of the best pieces of cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077, as they offer great range and massive damage values to help you cut down every enemy that comes in front of you. The Blades pop out of your arms in a very Wolverine-like style and can be used to dash as well as eliminate enemies with an animation unique to them.

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You can buy the Mantis Blades implant from any Ripperdoc once you reach level 10.

COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer

The COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer in CP2077.CD Projekt RED
The COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer vastly increases your quickhack crit chance.

The COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer is the best piece of Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077, as this variant of the Bioconductor Cyberware scales up the latter’s 35% quickhack crit chance to a massive 80%-100% at Tier 5. This means that you can take even more advantage of crit attacks, which, combined with the fact that they do 50% more damage as compared to base attacks, can turn you into an offensive powerhouse and act as a complete game-changer.

Equipped in the Frontal Cortex slot, the COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer has a certain debuff that may make you want to reconsider choosing it. The implant comes with -8 Max RAM, which can affect the number of hacks you can do. While this can be mitigated using hacking and other cyberware pieces, you’ll need to be a skilled hacker to break through every defense.

You can purchase the COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer for $30,018 from Dogtown Ripperdocs or steal them from Airdrops.

There are many other useful Cyberware implants that you can get that will fit your specific character build. Be sure to try them out and see what suits you best.

That wraps up the best Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 after the Phantom Liberty update. For more content like this, have a look at:

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