All Sons of the Forest Keycard locations: VIP, Maintenance & Guest Keycards

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sons of the forest keycard

Sons of the Forest features many locations that are blocked by locked doors. Some of these doors require a Keycard, so here’s how you can get them, including the Maintenance Keycard.

Sons of the Forest crash lands players onto a mutant-infested island where they will have to fend for themselves and learn how to survive.

Players can build a shelter, find food and water, and settle down. However, if they’d like to uncover the secrets of the island and complete the game, players will need to explore. Venturing across the island, dipping into caves, and stumbling across points of interest will be very rewarding.

You’ll find many of the game’s items, as well as various weapons including guns. That said, players will also find locked doors that require Keycards, so here’s where you can find them, including the Maintenance and VIP Keycards.

Sons of the Forest Keycard locations

Maintenance Keycard

The Maintenance Keycard in Sons of the Forest can be found in the northern area of the map, indicated by a pulsing green icon on the GPS. You will find cameras and a golf buggy at the location, and you will need the shovel in order to dig in the middle of these objects to uncover a hatch.

Open the hatch and enter the underground bunker. In the bunker, follow the corridor and enter the first door to the right. On the table with the 3D Printer in this room, you will find the Maintenance Keycard.

VIP Keycard

Players will first need the Maintenance Keycard in order to actually get the VIP Keycard, so first, make sure you have that.

Next, locate the northwestern “Food and Dining” cave on the map and enter. Once in the cave, progress until you find a hatch. Enter the hatch and open the locked door on the right using the Maintenance Keycard.

Once through the locked door, keep going through the rooms and corridors until you reach water. Swim through the water-filled rooms and corridors and you will eventually reach another locked door. Just before this locked door is an open door. Swim through the door and up the stairs.

In this room, you will find the VIP Keycard on the desk at the back of the room.

Guest Keycard

On the west side of the map you will find a cave that leads to an underground nightclub. In the nightclub lounge, you will find the Guest Keycard on top of the glass table.

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