What is a Dispatch Mission in GTA Online?

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GTA Online Martin Madrazo

Dispatch Missions are a great way of raking in the money in GTA Online, but what are they and how do you start them? We’ve got you covered right here.

With the release of GTA Online next-gen update, many players are dropping into the chaotic city of Los Santos for the very first time.

Making money is paramount in GTA Online, but after new players make it through the Career Builder, it can be tough to know how to start building your criminal empire.

Dispatch Missions are the perfect way to earn some cash in those early hours, so we’ve broken down what they are and how to start them below.

What are Dispatch Missions in GTA Online?

GTA Online Martin Madrazo Dispatch Missions

Simply put, Dispatch Missions in GTA Online are a series of assassination targets set by Martin Madrazo, each of which offers the player a handsome cash reward for completing them.

These must be tackled in squads of two to four, so bringing along some friends is recommended so that you can communicate effectively.

There are six different Dispatch Missions in total, with each one ramping up the difficulty by placing more obstacles between the player and the marks. Those brave enough to shoot through on the hardest difficulty can earn between $33,000 and $40,000 per mission.

How to start Dispatch Missions in GTA Online

List of GTA Online Dispatch Missions

Dispatch Missions are available from the minute players first step foot into Los Santos, with Madrazo pinging over the invites immediately.

To access them, simply head over to the Job List through your character’s phone. This will load you straight into the Dispatch Mission screen, where you can invite friends to join and select the difficulty.

Alternatively, you can travel straight to the location of each job, noted on the map by the “Mz” marker.

There’s no need to complete these hits in a specific order, as there is no overarching story connecting them outside of a handful of texts from Martin himself.

How to complete Dispatch Missions in GTA Online

GTA Online player aiming at enemy in jail cell.

All Dispatch Missions follow a similar structure, although the difficulty can vary drastically from job to job. Martin will provide the player with a series of targets, often heavily guarded in locations like police stations or airports.

Players will complete the mission when all of the marks have been taken out, but they are left to determine the best strategy by themselves. The challenge comes largely from the sheer number of henchmen protecting each target, so using stealth to thin the herd is usually a safe bet.

Another popular strategy sees one player hang back and snipe using a silenced weapon, clearing a path for the rest of the team. But, every mission is different, so there is an element of trial and error to identify the best route through.

That’s everything you need to know about Dispatch Missions in GTA Online. For more GTA guides, check out how to get the Prize Ride, as well as how to copy other players’ cars.

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