New GTA 6 map leak shows updated look at Vice City

Matt Porter
GTA car in Vice City

A new Grand Theft Auto 6 map leak has appeared online, allegedly giving fans a look at an updated version of Vice City and the surrounding area.

It’s been seven years since Rockstar released GTA V, the open-world sandbox that changed gaming forever. It’s no surprise then that fans of the series are desperate for any news regarding a sequel, even though the franchise’s developers have yet to even confirm they are working on it.

There’s been plenty of rumors about where a possible GTA 6 game could be set, from London to Liberty City, South America to Las Vegas. One of the most popular theories is a return to Vice City, taking players back to the Miami-inspired city for the first time since 2002.

Leakers are adding even more fuel to that fire, with a new image posted online showing what appears to be an updated and larger version of Vice City.

Tommy Vercetti riding a motorbike in GTA: Vice City

Back in 2018, an image showing a top-down look at what appeared to be Vice City surfaced online, claiming to be an early look at the GTA 6 map. The image looked realistic but lacked things like points of interest and roads.

Almost three years later, a second version of this satellite image has appeared on the internet, this time with roads weaving through the southern part of the map.

This image makes it appear that Rockstar has been working on the map, as previously only the north-eastern part of the map had been populated. If this image is legitimate, it’s clear that we’re getting the most expansive Vice City location ever, similar to what happened with Los Santos and San Andreas in GTA V.

As with any supposed leak, fans are split on how true this image is. Some point to the Red Dead Redemption 2 map that leaked years before release that ended up being accurate, suggesting that this could be what’s happening with Vice City and GTA 6.

Others are less convinced, stating that the image is blurry to hide the fact it’s fake, while others believe it just doesn’t look right, and believe it looks more like a Just Cause map than one for Grand Theft Auto.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until an official announcement from Rockstar before we know for certain where the game is based. With the company set to appear at E3 2021 in June, and job listings claiming the game may be close to completion, we may not have long to wait before we get official word.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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