How to make $600k in an hour with GTA Online Contract mission

Andrew Highton
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The Union Depository Contract offers players a fabulous chance to net some serious cash in GTA Online, so find out how you can take advantage of this great opportunity with our helpful guide.

If there’s one thing that will never get tired in GTA Online, it’s making fat stacks of cash to spend on the game’s best vehicles and best weapons. Given that there are daily expenses to pay, amongst other things, extra cash will never go amiss.

This is why a recent GTA Online weekly update adding the Union Depository Contract could be a game-changer. GTA Contracts are mini-heists that generally offer big payouts, and the newest one has the chance for players to earn staggering amounts of cash.

Where is the GTA Online Union Depository Contract?

gta online contract board

Just like the other contracts in Rockstar’s game, the Union Depository Contract’s appearances are fleeting and dependent on GTA Online’s rotation.

To check if it’s playable, you’ll simply need to check an Auto Shop Contract board and see if it’s available for selection.

How to complete the Union Depository Contract

union depository bank

This particular Contract Heist can be broken down into three stages and is far simpler to complete than the Cayo Perico Heist for instance.

Here’s how to complete the Union Depository Contract:

  1. Accept the Contract
  2. Find and kill the Corrupt Businessman
  3. Take his elevator key to get to the vault
  4. Steal the security vehicle
  5. Blackmail ther Bank Manager
  6. Secure the vault code so that you can access its wealth of riches
  7. Finally, break into the vault, steal the expensive goods inside and deliver them to the client

It’s usual Heist fare and should take you around an hour to do so, but it’s one that seems to pay the players very handsomely for doing so in GTA Online.

How much money can you earn for completing the Union Depository Contract?

pushing cash into bag in gta onlline

The big question is, what will you actually get for taking on and completing this dangerous mission?

Currently, the Contract is rewarding 2x GTA$ for all those that complete it, meaning any payout you receive, until the bonus stops, will be doubled.

The Contract’s payout seems to depend on several circumstances: how many players took part, how many full bags of gold you got to the drop point, and finishing without anyone spectating.

If you’re able to meet all these criteria with flying colors, then you can easily earn over $600,000 with the 2x bonus. Even once the bonus stops, the chance for a $300,000+ payout is a big deal, and well worth chasing a few times.

So what are you waiting for? Go and complete the Union Depository Contract and start amassing a serious amount of wealth!

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games