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How to avoid paying Daily Expenses in GTA Online

Follow this money-saving method to stop the Rockstar police from charging you Daily Expenses in GTA Online.



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No one likes having their hard-earned GTA Online money taken away from them, so use this efficient method to ensure you avoid paying Daily Expenses.

Grand Theft Auto has always been a simulation based on the world we live in. It replicates many of the traits and similarities that the average person will encounter during everyday life. In the same way that real people have to pay taxes, it seems that gaming avatars have to as well.

Daily Expenses come with the territory in GTA Online, and owning property and services means that you need to pay for their upkeep. However, a great method has been shared that avoids the rigmarole of having to pay daily fees, leaving you with more money to spend in GTA Online.

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What are Daily Expenses in GTA Online?

Daily Expenses are one of those things that are easy to overlook, but if you’re undergoing a lengthy game session, then you can easily rack up a large bill.

GTA Online fees are charged every 48 minutes that you remain in a lobby. A method you can use to get around this is to make sure you leave the lobby before you hit the 48-minute mark. Find another lobby, and the process will restart and save you money in the process.

All of the following can lead to you having to pay Daily Expense costs:

  • Owning Property
  • Ownign Businesses
  • Mechanic Fees

With the right scenario, it’s possible for you to end up paying over $50,000 every day in Daily Expenses!

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How to save money in GTA Online

If you want to avoid paying hefty amounts of money to the GTA Online tax office, then you can use this simple Casino method to do so.

Thanks to Reddit user Informal_Morning989 we have an easy way to get around having to pay Daily Expense charges.

If you head on over to the Casino, you can deposit up to $50,000 in Casino Chips at any one time. You’re allowed to convert as much cash as you want into Casino Chips, and they will remain like that until you decide to change them back.

So in theory, you can dump all of your cash into a Casino and effectively treat it like a very secure bank. You will of course leave yourself out of pocket for weapons and ammo and other such things. But just pop into a Casino and grab what you need.

In the meantime, you can successfully achieve Tax Invasion in Grand Theft Auto and be completely free of any wrongdoing.

Image credits: Rockstar