GTA Trilogy Remaster embarrassingly botches Rockstar logo

Andrew Highton
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An inexplicable error has been found in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition. The classic Rockstar logo has been implemented as a swimming pool, but it’s quite clearly missing one of its points.

The launch for the GTA Trilogy has been rocky, to say the least, with the three remastered games coming accompanied by a myriad of glitches and bugs – including one that makes your car ginormous.

But a new one has come to light that just further underlines some of the bizarre oversights in the remastered trilogy as it’s not a glitch – but a major design flaw.

CJ running with a gun in San Andreas

When the GTA Trilogy was announced, fans were excited to see what a fully realized remastering of the classic PS2 games would look like. Plus, it also distracted from the continued absence of GTA VI.

However, the Rockstar logo problem is one of the many reasons that the GTA Trilogy is now the lowest-rated Metacritic title ever.

A rather astonishing post on the GTA subreddit has shown a screenshot of a swimming pool in one of the games, and it shows the classic Rockstar Games logo, only, it has a noticeable defect.

Somehow, the classic five-star Rockstar logo is displayed incorrectly on the minimap, giving it six points instead.

A flabbergasted user called “Whoopsy_Doodle” exclaimed: “They didn’t even get the damn logo right?? It’s a simple shape of a star!!!!”

To many users and detractors, this mistake will further magnify the glaring bugs and mistakes in the game. Grove Street Games have said that updates are fixes are on the way, so it might be worth keeping an eye on to see how things improve in the future.

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