GTA Online player stumbles upon hilarious police car glitch

Nicholas Sakadelis
Police Car Glitch - GTA Online

A player has discovered a new police car glitch in GTA Online, and it’s quite the funny sight.

In any video game, developers try their hardest to streamline the player experience and immerse players in another world. For Grand Theft Auto, while there may be glitches, it still holds up well in terms of stability for a game that was originally released in 2013.

While the developers may put their best efforts to hide things from players, sometimes their efforts still lead to players discovering spawn locations of AI, which seems to be the case from Redditor JarodJB40, who shared footage from his GTA Online session, where he encountered police cars spawning out of nowhere.

It’s a running joke in the GTA community that there are an unlimited number of police officers that have no qualms with getting mowed-down by heavily armed demigods running around their city. As JarodJB40 stated in his title, he found out where all of them come from.

We can only imagine how confusing and hilarious this experience must’ve been for the player. It appears that he found the spawn area for the police cars in the specific region of the map he was on.

Normally, when a player gets near a spawn trigger, the game will disable it so the player isn’t able to spot the spawning NPC’s, but it appears in this instance that isn’t exactly what occurred.

It’s quite funny watching the police cars spawn into the game world out of the blue, and it’s even funnier knowing this is exactly what happens out of the players’ sight when they are put into the “wanted” state in-game.

We’re unsure if Rockstar would consider this a “glitch” or just good timing for this player, but we can imagine other players have encountered this before. If you manage to run into this bug yourself or can recreate it consistently, be sure to tweet us @charlieINTEL.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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