How to find GTA Online’s Phantom Car Halloween event

gta online phantom car

Rockstar is paying tribute to Halloween with a new ‘The Phantom Car’ special event in GTA Online, follow our guide and we’ll tell you how to trigger this terrifying ordeal and explain what it entails.

GTA Online’s huge mass of content is always being expanded upon with fresh updates and limited-time events. Halloween is upon us, and Rockstar is honoring it with The Phantom Car Halloween event.

It’s a tribute to the 1983 horror film Christine based on the works of legendary author Stephen King. A crazed car that comes to life and possesses a range of negative, and deadly, emotions that lead to terror for several teens.

Here’s how you can set up a showdown with The Phantom Car in GTA Online.

What is The Phantom Car Halloween event in GTA Online?

car from 1983 horror film Christine

The Phantom Car seems to be a limited-time event that players will only be able to enjoy for the next two or three weeks of the Halloween portion of the year.

Players will be terrorized during sessions of GTA Online by the meddlesome car that, under the conditions being met, will stalk players driving around in a vehicle, or attempt to run them down if they’re on foot.

How to start The Phantom Car event in GTA Online

Thanks to both Tez2 and GTA Series Videos, as they have been able to pinpoint the specific requirements you’ll need to know to trigger the event.

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Here’s how you can ensure you bump into The Phantom Car:

  1. Boot up GTA Online
  2. Enter ‘Free Roam,’ and don’t enter a building
  3. Wait until the in-game time is between the hours of 9pm-5am
  4. You must not use helicopters, boats, planes, vehicles with weapons, the Deluxo, or either the Oppressor/Oppressor MK2
  5. The Phantom Car will only appear if at least 16 minutes have elapsed since the free roam session began
  6. You can’t do this solo, there has to be at least one other player in the session
  7. With all these requirements met, walk or drive around until you hear some ominous music
  8. If you’re in a vehicle, you should see a Declasse Tornado with just its headlights on following you
  9. If you’re on foot, the car will be on fire, have bright red headlights and will aggressively drive towards you non-stop
  10. Either concentrate your fire on the car until it blows up, or do one of the “must not” conditions above to make the car disappear
player being chased by phantom car in gta online

If you’re desperate to go and fight The Phantom Car, then follow these instructions above and have a violent Halloween!

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Image Credit: Columbia Pictures / Rockstar Games / GTA Series Videos