GTA 6 leaker claims to reveal new location for GTA Online & map size

Hamza Khalid
Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in GTA 5

A supposed Rockstar insider has reportedly revealed information about the potential map size of GTA 6 and some details about a new location that could be coming to GTA Online.

GTA 6 has been the subject of much speculation ever since its development was officially confirmed, with numerous leaks reportedly revealing details about the game’s cast and total runtime.

Until Rockstar Games give us more information about the sixth entry in their popular video game series, we can only rely on leaks for updates, and a new one has seemingly revealed the setting for the game.

Leaker ‘Matheusvictorbr’ tweeted on July 30 that they had details regarding the size of the map in the next Grand Theft Auto installment, claiming that it will be “as big as the one in [Red Dead Redemption 2].”

They also added that the Caribbean Islands will be included as a location for players to visit “but not in the open world itself.” In a follow-up tweet, the leaker revealed a new setting for GTA Online.

According to this report, Rockstar’s internal planning suggests that the addition of Liberty City in GTA Online will follow the release of GTA 6. This version of the classic GTA map will reportedly be set “in modern times.”

Matheusvictorbr made it clear that information about the updated Liberty City map is currently scarce, as the development is “still very raw or not solid ground so far.” So, we will probably have to wait for a while to learn more about it.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while this information is exciting, it’s based purely on leaks and speculation. We won’t know if it’s accurate until Rockstar Games officially verifiy these reports themselves.

For more on GTA 6, check out this report claiming that it will feature the first playable female protagonist in the series along with the leaked codename for the game and possible character.

Image credits: Rockstar Games

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