Can you drive the Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online?

galaxy yacht in gta online

GTA Online has a huge array of vehicles for players to drive, but the Galaxy Super Yacht always leaves players scratching their heads. Our quick little guide will reveal whether or not you can drive the yacht in GTA Online.

You can pretty much do everything in GTA Online, the online multiplayer extension of Grand Theft Auto V. Buy fast cars, buy fast bikes, pull off Heists, and even induce hallucinations to go on crazy trips, the only barrier to your next adventure is your own imagination.

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The game’s repertoire of vehicles is gigantic, and players keep coming back to buy them all, especially as new ones get added. But of all the vehicles in the game, there’s one that sticks out like a sore thumb – the Galaxy Super Yacht.

A multi-faceted, multi-million dollar boat that has a variety of cool features, including two helipads at either end of the vessel. Yet, it’s not 100% clear as to whether or not you can take control of the boat and operate it yourself.

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Is GTA Online’s Galaxy Super Yacht drivable?

galaxy super yacht in sea in gta online

As of November 2, 2021, the Galaxy Super Yacht is sadly not drivable, as Rockstar continues to make it a handy base in GTA Online, rather than a fully-fledged vehicle to sail around in.

Instead, the Galaxy Super Yacht is used primarily as a fun location to visit and explore, and as the player’s taxi service to deliver vehicles to custom destinations.

Why can’t you drive the Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online?

galaxy super yacht pisces in gta online

Rockstar has never officially declared why players can’t take control of the yacht, but given the nature and services the vehicle provides, we would assume that Rockstar sees the Yacht as more of a property than a vehicle.

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Question marks have been raised about this decision, even more so since the release of the Cayo Perico Heist expansion, as the Kosatka Submarine is actually even longer than the yacht, yet can still be driven.

With a startling array of vehicles already usable in the game, we think it’s unlikely that Rockstar will backtrack and make it drivable for the upcoming GTA V Expanded and Enhanced edition.

Hopefully, that’s clarified the situation regarding the Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online. For more info on GTA Online, check out how to get the Prize Ride for free, and claim GTA Prime Gaming Rewards.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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