All GTA Online vehicles added in The Criminal Enterprises DLC

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gta online criminal enterprises dlc vehicle

The new Criminal Enterprises DLC for GTA Online brings a heap of new content and improvements for players. Here’s a breakdown of all the new vehicles being added.

The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC has brought a much-needed update to the game, with not only a bunch of new missions but also upgrades to the player experience and the in-game economy.

With new missions and a rebalanced economy, what will players be spending their GTA$ on? Well, the Criminal Enterprises DLC has bought some brand-new vehicles for players to purchase, so let’s look at them.

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gta online the criminal enterprises dlc

All GTA Online Criminal Enterprises vehicles & prices

There will be a total of 18 new vehicles added to GTA Online over the course of the summer update. Six of the total were released on July 26, when the Criminal Enterprises DLC officially launched.

Here are all the new vehicles that were added in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC as of July 26 and their respective prices:


gta online conada

The Conada is GTA Online’s brand-new helicopter, which players can purchase for $2,450,000 on Elitas Travel.


gta online corsita

For players who are looking for a new sports car, the Corsita is GTA Online’s new fast-accelerating, small two-door vehicle which can be purchased for $1,795,000 on Legendary Motorsport.

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Bravado Greenwood

gta online greenwood

Some GTA Online players may prefer vehicles that are more stylish rather than fast, and if that’s the case, the Greenwood may be perfect for you. The Greenwood is priced at $1,465,000 on Southern San Andreas Superautos.


gta online lm87

Looking for a new car to race in? The LM87 is the Criminal Enterprises DLC’s answer, with great traction, acceleration, and top speed, this vehicle is definitely one to look out for and can be purchased for $2,915,000 on Legendary Motorsport.

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Torero XO

gta online torero

The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC also brings the Torero XO, another brand-new two-door luxury sports car which is priced at $2,890,000 on Legendary Motorsport.

Omnis E-GT

gta online omnis

Lastly, we have a slightly more robust vehicle in the Omnis E-GT. This is a car that is built for players who like to drift and spend time upgrading their cars, as it comes with plenty of options. It is priced at $1,795,000 on Legendary Motorsport.

The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises also brought new modifications and liveries for existing cars like the Zentorno and Benefactor Stirling GT, so make sure you also check that out.

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For those looking for more new vehicles, the Criminal Enterprises update also brought new GTA+ Membership benefits, including the Lampadati Corsita sports car. To see how you can get this vehicle for free, check out our guide on the GTA+ Membership.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games / GTABASE

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