Who is your first friend in Roblox?

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Builderman is a common but very familiar name in the Roblox community because it used to be everyone’s first friend. Here’s the history behind this unique user who had over 60 million friends on Roblox.

Starting your Roblox journey alone can be overwhelming due to the abundance of games and players. It can be hard to find like-minded players and build a community for the games you create.

For a long time, Roblox players never had a problem making their first friend as it was builderman. Here’s everything to know about the first in-game Roblox friend of over 60 million players.

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Who is builderman in Roblox?

Builderman is the CEO of Roblox and back in the day, it was every new user’s first in-game friend. This was a thing till August 6, 2021, owing to which the account once had 60 million default friends. At the moment, it has over 70 million followers and follows over 67 million users.

Builderman is the alternative and inactive administrator account of Roblox creator David Bazsucki. From having a hat named builderman to enjoying several classic Roblox experiences, this account has many privileges. The avatar originally incorporated an orange torso with a yellow head but at the moment, it has a lighter skin tone, jeans, a jacket, and a builder hat.

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builderman avatar in Roblox

Even the username has changed from BuilderMan to Builderman and currently, it’s just builderman.

Back in 2014, new Roblox players received a message after signing up for the first time from builderman, their first friend.

In contrast, Roblox now sends a slightly different message that includes tips for safety, avatar, and friends. It is worth noting that anyone who has been friends with builderman since 2014 can still find the account in their followers list.

What happened to builderman in Roblox?

While Roblox veterans might remember builderman, players who started after August 2021 have missed out on having the account in their friend list. This is because Roblox now has a followers system that upon implementation, turned all your friends into followers and all your best friends into regular friends.

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Considering that builderman won’t become your first Roblox friend, you might want to check out our guide on how to make friends on Roblox.

Image Credits: Roblox Corporation

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