What does AFK mean?

afk in fortnite

AFK is one of the most commonly used slang phrases by gamers worldwide. The term nowadays is not just limited to gaming, but workplace culture as well. Here’s a guide on what AFK means.

Gamers worldwide use various slang terms to save their precious time while gaming with their teammates or friends. These slang terms are often abbreviations or shortened words to make communication easier between squadmates in a multiplayer game.

However, the same slang terminology is sometimes used in remote workplaces where colleagues communicate with one another. One of the most commonly used slang terms in both areas is AFK.

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AFK has been around for quite some time and is used by gamers and workers alike so they could easily talk to one another while playing or performing a task. Here’s what it actually means.

afk in warzone

What does AFK mean?

AFK is an abbreviated term for “away from keyboard”, which essentially means that the player relaying an AFK message is idle for the moment and away from their computer. This is used in chat or voice channels so your teammates are in the know.

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AFK is used for several situations such as if you want to grab a bite while you work or play, or if you just would like to get some time away from the screen. Just use this term when you want to let somebody know that you might miss a message or an activity happening on the application you are on.

gta v idling afk

How is AFK used in gaming

AFK is used by gamers to convey the message to their teammates in a multiplayer match that they’ll be away from their computer for a while. When a player sends an AFK message in the game chatbox or shouts AFK on voice chat, the teammates usually cover for the player and make up for their absence.

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In gaming, being AFK is a disadvantage to your team as they are left without a player in the team for a while. This is why the time a player should remain AFK must be as little as possible.

Games like Fortnite have an option for players to sit themselves out, which is a virtual indication of being AFK so the squad can go on to play a match without them, but allows the player can watch the match if they want to.

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A few games support AFK features and actually reward players for remaining idle. On the contrary, games like Warzone and GTA V kick players for inactivity if they are AFK for too long.

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