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How to sit out in Fortnite

Sitting out in Fortnite indicates to your teammates your participation in the game. Here’s how you can do it.



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Fortnite consists of several in-game features that allow the player to interact with his party members in a much more interactive way. Often players use these features to change their participation in a match. Here’s a guide on how to sit out in Fortnite.

Interactivity is at the core of Fortnite and the game has become more social than ever before. From making a brand new game modes screen to adding Party Tags in the v21.20 update, Epic has left no page unturned in making its Battle Royale mode one of the leading ones in the market.

The party system in Fortnite has several features where players can now invite random players to their party based on their social tags and play with them. However, to indicate your participation in a game, you must be familiar with the participation tab in the menu.

The tab consists of two options namely, Playing or Sitting Out. Several players have their participation set to “playing” as they are active in their lobbies. Here is what sitting out means in a Fortnite lobby and how you can do it.

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What does “sitting out” mean in Fortnite?

Basically “Sitting Out” is very similar to being AFK which is Away From Keyboard, which indicates to the party members that you’ll not be participating in the next or several upcoming Battle Royale matches.

Playing back-to-back matches in Fortnite could be tiresome for several players as the high combat pressure could easily get to anyone. Although, playing the game might be fun for some, often one gets burned out of constantly cranking 90s and staying alert all the time in a high-intensity match.

In this case, players usually need to take a break or some time away from the screen to relax. Enter, Sitting Out.

Once you turn on that option, your squad will know that you’ll sit this one out, but still want to stay connected with them in the party and would like to see them play.

Here’s how you can change your participation from Playing to Sitting Out in Fortnite.

how to sit out in Fortnite

How to sit out in a Fortnite lobby

To sit out in a Fortnite lobby, here’s what you should do:

  1. Click on the Menu button indicated by 3 lines on the top left corner
  2. Once the menu opens up, click the top-most button which is your Fortnite profile icon
  3. In the third option, you’ll see Participation written with Playing turned on
  4. Click on it and you’ll switch to the Sitting Out option
  5. And you’re done!

Now you have successfully sit yourself out in a squad or a party in the Fortnite lobby. This option can also be turned on once the entire squad gets eliminated and your teammates want to Ready Up from the match rather than just returning to the lobby.

If you do not wish to play the next match which loads automatically, you can sit yourself out using the steps above and spectate them in the next one.

Social Interactivity has become the core of what Fortnite is all about in Chapter 3 Season 3. However, players still are getting the hand of all the new features and would like the game to be much simpler as it used to be in its initial days.

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Image Credits: Epic Games