Roblox Puzzle Doors answers: Codes for all levels & stages

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Puzzle Doors is a unique escape game on Roblox that involves players unlocking doors in order to escape a maze filled with several rooms. Each door requires the player to solve puzzles that unlock codes used to open it. Here’s a list of each code you need to beat Puzzle Doors on Roblox.

One of the most exciting escape games on Roblox is Puzzle Doors, where your objective is to escape levels by solving puzzles and opening several doors and succession. There are a whopping 86 levels in this game, so trying to open them all will take a significant amount of time.

However, you may not have the time to complete every single puzzle or might find these puzzles a touch too difficult.

So, here’s every code you need for the Puzzle Doors game on Roblox.

A player trying to open a door in Puzzle Doors.
Puzzle Doors is as interesting as it is fun.

All Puzzle Doors answers on Roblox

At the beginning of Roblox Puzzle Doors, you spawn in a small hallway with a door at the end. You must open this door to progress to the next stage. The puzzle you have to solve to open said door will be found on a wall on your left.

Puzzles can consist of several coded phrases presented in the form of symbols, letters, or words that you’ll have to decipher to solve them. Another way to solve the puzzles is by using materials or objects that are often strewn across the hallway.

Roblox: List of all 86 Puzzle Doors codes

If you don’t want to go the traditional route and solve every puzzle manually, then refer to the table given below to get the exit codes for every stage in Roblox Puzzle Doors:

Level 19834
Level 251011
Level 35624
Level 47446
Level 53246
Level 65643
Level 710
Level 83897
Level 96502
Level 1031545
Level 114465
Level 121492
Level 135121
Level 143905
Level 156538
Level 16243
Level 17661
Level 188675
Level 1921189
Level 205971
Level 217878
Level 224922
Level 23600
Level 242244
Level 251122
Level 26180
Level 271321
Level 284594
Level 29117
Level 30256
Level 315560
Level 329495
Level 331213
Level 34112
Level 354433
Level 36324
Level 37618923
Level 382679
Level 392015
Level 407710
Level 4176523
Level 42359
Level 4374
Level 44430
Level 4545
Level 46380
Level 473344
Level 482588
Level 491415184045
Level 502407
Level 51143547
Level 5232289216
Level 53168
Level 54237
Level 554799
Level 563789
Level 57227
Level 588041
Level 5929
Level 6089
Level 611941
Level 62653
Level 634408
Level 64789
Level 651790
Level 6670
Level 67108
Level 6827
Level 69This is a unique stage. The code for stage 69 will be the exact number of players on your server including you.
Level 707
Level 7110
Level 7224
Level 7360
Level 743738
Level 75440
Level 765790
Level 778
Level 786321
Level 79677
Level 8023
Level 811041
Level 8290
Level 83636
Level 84183
Level 85131072
Level 86Final level, end of the game

This is every code you’ll need to get through each door in Roblox Puzzles Doors as well as complete the game. Remember to double-check each code and make a dash for the next level as soon as the door opens. Repeating the same code-entering process might seem boring at first. However, you always have the option to switch back to the traditional method.

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