Resident Evil RE:VERSE release date, details & more

Nicholas Sakadelis

Resident Evil RE:VERSE has released in a closed beta state for select Resident Evil Ambassadors. Here’s the rundown of the new multiplayer game.

Announced during the Resident Evil panel alongside gameplay of the upcoming Resident Evil: Village, was a new multiplayer game set in the RE universe, titled RE:VERSE.

The game will be available as a purchase bonus for pre-orders of physical and digital buyers of Resident Evil Village. It comes completely free as a bonus and may be available separately at a later time, according to the official Capcom website.

The Basics

RE:VERSE is a celebration of 25 years of Resident Evil. The game includes some of our favorite heroes and villains from the franchise. In this game, players participate in a free-for-all style deathmatch where they can fight as “survivors” or “bioweapons”.

The goal of the game is the same as any deathmatch game, where you need to eliminate as many enemies as possible in the given time limit. The games are quite fast as of the closed beta, and only last 5 minutes each.

During this time period, Survivors are to eliminate as many bioweapons and other survivors as possible, while collecting virus capsules to upgrade the bioweapon they become when killed. For example, if you collect just one capsule before death, you may become Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7. If you get two, you can become Nemesis from Resident Evil 3.


For the beta, we had a total of five different bioweapons. If you did not have any capsules on death, you’d automatically become a fat molded from Resident Evil 7.

If you did have capsules, you’d randomly get a bioweapon for the number of capsules you had. For one, you could become the Hunter or Jack Baker, and for two you’d become either Nemesis or the Super Tyrant.

Each Bioweapon has its own set of abilities themed around the character. Nemesis has his signature rocket launcher, and Jack Baker comes equipped with chainsaws.


The heroes are your standard characters of RE:VERSE and current include some franchise favorites like Ada Wong, Hunk, and Claire Redfield. Each character comes equipped with a pistol with unlimited ammo, and a more powerful secondary with limited ammo.

You can find ammo around the battlefield for these weapons, as well as an assortment of green herbs to heal when low on health.

The abilities are the real stars of the show, with heroes like Claire Redfield capable of throwing electrical traps to stun enemies, and even heal herself on demand. Another hero, Hunk, can make himself invisible and assassinate enemies in just one shot.

Each character has enough variety to feel unique, and the balance was quite decent for a beta.

Future Support

Capcom has not commented much on the future of RE:VERSE, but we can speculate that the game will have much more to offer at launch.

Since this title seems to mostly be focused on rewarding long-term Resident Evil fans with an entertaining multiplayer title alongside Resident Evil Village, we’re uncertain if Capcom plans to add a DLC.

We’ll update you if we hear any additional information.