Red Dead Redemption October 4 patch notes: 60 FPS PS5, bug fixes, improvements, more

Joseph Pascoulis
john marston holding cash in red dead redemption key art

The October 4 patch for Red Dead Redemption brings the long-awaited 60 FPS option on PlayStation 5, leaving players ecstatic.

Red Dead Redemption is a classic Rockstar Game that’s beloved by many. Ahead of GTA 6’s reveal, the devs decided to bring the classic Western game to modern PlayStation systems and the Nintendo Switch.

This has allowed PlayStation 5 players to enjoy the original Red Dead Redemption on a next-gen console. However, players weren’t too happy with its performance.

It wasn’t the polished update that many were hoping for, and while leaks suggested a remaster was in order, players were not happy to find that the gameplay was locked at 30 frames per second on PS5.

That said, Rockstar have addressed the complaints in the October 4 Red Dead Redemption patch notes, confirming that the new update has indeed introduced a 60 FPS option in the game’s settings for those on PS5.

Red Dead Redemption October 4 patch notes

Here are the full patch notes for the October 4 Red Dead Redemption PS5 update:

[October 4, 2023] – Miscellaneous

  • Added an option to enable 60 FPS when played on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility
  • Added an option to enable subtitles upon first booting the game
  • General bug fixes and improvements

As you can see from the patch notes, the 60 FPS option for PS5 is the main highlight, and while it may not seem like a big deal, it’s huge for the community to be able to enjoy this classic game in glorious 60 frames per second.

In the comments of Rockstar Games’ post about the update, players praised the patch, as one comment said, “THANK YOU. This is now a genuinely playable game on PS5 now and actually an upgrade from 2010.”

Players now want this option for Red Dead Redemption 2, “Awesome! Now do Red Dead Redemption 2 next.”

We’ll have to wait and see, but Rockstar will likely be busy working on GTA 6. For more, check out how the RDR devs have seemingly revealed a third game.