Major Resident Evil 8 spoilers and ending leaked online

Andrew Highton

A ransomware attack on Capcom has been carried out and has resulted in a large amount of Resident Evil 8’s story and ending information being leaked to the public.

We won’t be posting any details of the leak in this post as we don’t want to share these unfortunate spoilers. But the information does indeed reveal a great amount of detail about the game’s story, characters, and ending.

Much of the excitement for Resident Evil 8: Village has been about the possibility of taking one of its major characters in a completely different direction. Combined with its eerie setting and continuing from the good work of Resident Evil 7, the spoilers could put a damper on what could be a landmark game in 2021.

creepy old woman in resident evil 8

Resident Evil Village leaked

The original ransomware threat was first reported a month ago, but it’s clear that Capcom did not bow down to the hackers’ demands. As a result, they have followed through on their intentions and revealed many details about the game.

This does mean that popular forums such as Reddit and social media will be rife with information about the fate of Resident Evil 8. So be sure to avoid, or at least air on the side of caution, with any mention of Resident Evil 8.

combat in resident evil 8 village

It seems that the leak includes:

  • Unannounced enemies
  • Returning enemies
  • Cut-scenes
  • Boss fights
  • Ending details

Given that it’s taken a full month for these details to be leaked, it might not be the end of things. It’s a big possibility that even more information is released, given that the hackers have already shown off the most important details of the game.

More Capcom games could also be in the firing line and it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to Resident Evil 8 being compromised in such a public fashion.

Image credits: Capcom