How to rob a train in BitLife

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Train robbery menu in BitLife

You can rob a train in BitLife to get a hefty amount of cash instantly and complete an achievement called Going Anywhere. Here’s a guide on how to rob a train in BitLife without changing your device’s time.

Simulation games and the freedom they provide to players will never go out of trend. From GTA Online to Roblox’s Little World and Adopt Me, the wide range of simulation games out there has helped the genre become so popular over the years.

BitLife is one of the most played simulation games lately as it allows you to literally begin a new life. From birth to death, you take every important decision regarding your education, profession, health, respect in society, and other things.

Following rules is not a compulsion in BitLife’s world which means that you can also be a robber. In fact, the game has many achievements related to crimes.

Here’s a guide to robbing a train in BitLife.

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Requirements to rob a train in BitLife

You must be 18 years old (in-game age) or above to rob a train in BitLife. However, do not change the time of your phone to rob a train as Candywriter no longer tolerates this. If BitLife detects that your phone’s time has been altered, the train will run over you and the consequences certainly won’t be desirable.

With the requirements out of the way, let’s take a look at the steps for robbing a train in BitLife.

How to rob a train in BitLife

Follow these steps to rob a train in BitLife:

  1. Launch the game and go to Activities which is the right-most option in the +age tab.
  2. Go to Crime and search for Train Robbery.
  3. Pick any train as it doesn’t matter. The time of the day will have options including Sunrise (6:00 AM), High Noon (12 PM), 4:20 PM, Sunset (6:00 PM), and Midnight (12 AM).
  4. Choose a time that is nearest to the actual time in your region. For best results, try robbing a train exactly at the times mentioned above.
  5. Tap on Rob It and if you’re lucky, a train will arrive and you’ll be able to get the money. You might miss the train if the real-life time and the game’s time do not match.

Previously, players used to change the time of their device to rob trains without having to wait for the right time. This method no longer works. Hence, you should try robbing a train at any of these times and accordingly, choose them in the game as well:

  • Sunrise (6:00 AM)
  • High Noon (12 PM)
  • 4:20 PM
  • Sunset (6:00 PM)
  • Midnight (12 AM).

Interestingly, by robbing a train at Midnight (12 AM), you’ll also unlock an achievement called Going Anywhere.

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This was everything to know about robbing a train in BitLife. Interestingly, the simulation game also has a unique version called DogLife and if you want to try it out, make sure to check out this DogLife guide first.

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