How to point in GTA V

Cop Pointing at a Chopper in GTA V

When a heist goes wrong or a mission gets failed, pointing fingers at each other is the first thing friends do when playing GTA. Here’s a guide on how you can literally point fingers in GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V is by far the most complex game Rockstar Games have ever made. The realistic environment and approach towards its characters and NPCs are what keep the game going even 9 years after its initial release.

While playing the story mode is a thrill to some who want to have their fun by using cheat codes, GTA Online is a whole new world where players can roleplay their dreams in. You can just hop on with your friends on one platform (since it doesn’t support crossplay) and have a good time.

However, when things don’t go according to plan while you’re doing heists or missions, pointing fingers is easy at one another over a voice chat. But here’s how you can point in GTA V at one another’s character when voice chat might be difficult for you.

Trevor pointing at Franklin in GTA V

How to point a finger in GTA V

The developers of GTA V, Rockstar Games provided the players with several options to do an emote in the game to make it more accessible to those without a mic. Pointing is one of the major actions that GTA Online players frequently engage in.

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While pointing a finger has a literal meaning when you perform the action, some players in GTA consider it a meme. Using a few simple steps, you can point at anyone in GTA V whether you’re playing it on a PC, PS4, or Xbox.

If you’re playing GTA V on a PC, press B to point at someone or something as it is a default keybind. You can also change this in keybind settings of the game.

If you’re on a console whether it’s PS4 or Xbox, press the R3 button on your joystick repeatedly. That means you need to press the right joystick down multiple times to perform the action. And that is how you point in GTA V.

GTA V comprises several real-life actions you can perform with your own character. From throwing money to flipping the bird at someone, players use its vast library of actions and assign it to their characters to make them unique from others on the map.

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Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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