How to play the Back 4 Blood Alpha

Turtle Rock’s spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead is coming to PC players early for an alpha test.

The Back 4 Blood Alpha releases at 1 PM EST on December 17 and runs until December 21.

This alpha test is an early peek for what’s to come when the game releases on June 22, 2021. It’s exclusive to the PC platform and will be played on the Steam launcher.

How To Get Into The Alpha

To get into the Alpha, you’ll need to first be in a supported region. The alpha is restricted to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you are in a supported region, you can go to the Back 4 Blood Alpha registration page and sign up with your email to get a chance to hop into the alpha.

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If you do get in, you’ll have to make a Warner Bros Games account and redeem your alpha key on the website.

Once you’ve redeemed your code, the website will generate another code to use on your Steam account to download the alpha. You can also invite 2 other friends to the alpha to play.

What Content Will Be Available in The Alpha?

In a video from Turtle Rock, some of the content in the Alpha was revealed. The Alpha will feature the “game director,” a tool used to make playthroughs of the game unique each time. Zombie spawns, ammo, and loot will be different in each game.

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One mission will be available for play, with a max of 4 players (called cleaners). The Alpha will have four cleaners available to play, all with unique perks and secondary weapons. The cleaners available are Walker, Holly, Avangelo, and Hoffman.

You will fight as these cleaners against a small portion of the game’s enemies, the Riven. The Riven available in this build are the Common Infected, Stinger, Retch, Tall Boy, and Ogre.

Additionally, there will be a card system tested in this build that works with the game director. Players will be able to play their own cards for extra boosts against the director’s “corruption cards” that make the game more difficult to play.

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Corruption cards can spawn more enemies, add fog, or even make ammo drops more scarce. Cleaner cards add team-based or individual benefits.