How to play Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions playtest

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Hogwarts Legacy took fans back to a captivating Wizarding World, but a significant part of it was terribly missed and that’s Quidditch. WB Games have paid attention to what fans want and have announced a playtest for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

Hogwarts Legacy was a massive success with its ever-fascinating open-world RPG gameplay. Players got a chance to step into the shoes of a witch or wizard and dive deep into its magical world. Although players enjoyed walking down the halls of Hogwarts, learning spells, and unraveling secrets, a significant aspect was missing.

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Fans were disappointed with the absence of the iconic magical sport Quidditch from Hogwarts Legacy. Luckily, WB Games have come up with Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, and here’s how to sign up for the playtest.

How to sign up for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions playtest

WB Games along with Unbroken Studios is publishing the Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions game. According to the official website, the game has been described as a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer title that will feature the iconic Quidditch sport.

To sign up for the current and upcoming playtests, follow the steps mentioned below:

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  1. Visit the official website and register yourself by filling in the details.
  2. Enter your birthday details on the screen and continue.
  3. Then, you will need to create a WB Games account. If you have one, you can simply sign in.
  4. Once you are logged in, you will need to answer a few straightforward questions, including the types of games you play, preferred platforms, and things about Harry Potter.
  5. Submit the answers and your registration is complete but keep in mind that this will not ensure your entry.

As per the official FAQ page for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, the game will have limited playtests, and registration does not guarantee entry. However, if you are selected, then you will be notified through an email by WB Games.

The game will be available for consoles and PC but the release date is under wraps for now. Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will be a competitive multiplayer game, meaning you can jump on your broomsticks and participate with your friends.

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Well, that’s all you need to know to register for the Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions but remember to wait patiently for your acceptance letters much like in the Harry Potter series.

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Image Credit: Unbroken Studios / WB Games